What NOT to Buy on Black Friday

It might be worth it to hold off on buying certain items

Millions around the country will be shopping for deals on Black Friday, but Yahoo Finance recommends five items to avoid

“Black Friday Deals Now!” announces a large retailer in an advertisement.

“Door Buster Specials – The Earlier You Shopt the More You Save,” reads another.

Oh yes, there are many to be had on this holiday of sorts for major shopping malls everywhere, yet Yahoo Finance recommends five items to avoid today.

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Tantalizing steals are out there, but it might be better to hold off on certain items, including:


While you might be tempted to buy the latest smartphone, particularly, the iPhone, Yahoo Finance suggests not purchasing one when the demand is hot. Deals will come later when the frenzy cools.

Winter gear

Black Friday isn’t the day to buy winter gear like coats, hats and gloves. An abundance of deals can be found, says Yahoo, when it’s not in hot demand. Wait a couple of months and wear that old coat that you’ve depended on forever and hold off on your purchase.

Fitness Equipment

The start of a new year is just around the corner and gyms are packed with individuals ready to begin their new diet plans. Manufacturers know this and roll out their best buys fitness equipment.


While there’s a heavy push by jewelers to push you to buy that precious diamond ring during the holidays, Yahoo Finance insists the best time of year to get deals is January and February in time for Valentine’s Day when discounts are deeper.


Wait for the back-to-school season or in the spring, recommends Yahoo Finance, when computer companies introduce new models and cut prices on the older ones.