Vote No on Measure N | A letter From Lisa Page Rosenberg

South Pasadenans have been coming forward to rally each other against Measure N, including local Lisa Page Rosenberg

In 2008, my husband and I lived in an urban part of Los Angeles and we were desperate to relocate someplace slower. We began an exhaustive search for a place to live where we could raise our then two-year-old son. When we found South Pasadena, and its lovely tree-lined seats, excellent schools, and small-town feel, our hearts were set. We began making weekly outings to Garfield Park before we’d even secured a place to live.

Once we were settled, we convinced my mom to join us here in South Pas too. She enjoys the Senior Center and beautiful library, and of course close proximity to her grandson. As our son has grown older, we’ve depended on the crossing guards to usher us all safely to and from his elementary school and now the Middle School. We have built relationships and put down roots here. South Pasadena has become our home town.

With Measure N on the ballot threatening to repeal the Utility Users’ Tax (UUT), many of the community resources that affect our safety and quality of life will be negatively impacted. The annual cuts to city programs and services would slow emergency response times from our firefighters, police, and paramedics. Our Senior Center would close and programs for seniors would be eliminated except for those not funded by the city. Our library’s hours and resources would be cut. The maintenance of our parks will be negatively affected. Even our school crossing-guard program would disappear. This initiative was forced on the ballot by an outside group of people who don’t know or care about our city. We cannot let this happen to the people of South Pasadena.

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Please join my family in voting No on Measure N.