School Students Learn Firsthand About Safety

South Pasadena parent has an opportunity to review important safety rules while children witness a rescue of another person

PHOTO: South Pasadena Parent | | Evan and Olivia from Arroyo Vista Elementary with fireman while at the South Pasadena Library during power outage and elevator rescue

While visiting the South Pasadena Public Library Saturday afternoon, elementary students Evan and Olivia from Arroyo Vista Elementary were witnesses to an elevator rescue that occured due to a power outage.

They got to see first hand how the fire department rescue crews were working to free a trapped passenger.  It was a powerful reminder of the safety rules they’ve been taught: Never enter an elevator during a fire alarm or emergency, use the stairs instead.

PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | | Evan & Olivia getting a quick photo. South Pasadena Library loses power resulting in the elevator being stuck between floors with passenger Sue T. of Pasadena inside. South Pasadena Fire Department and Pasadena Fire Department quickly respond.


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