Letter to the Editor | Outraged by Athletic Director Announcement

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Letter to the Editor:

It is high time to call Principal Anderson to the carpet for her uninspired hiring of athletic department coaches and administrators. This latest hiring of the athletic director position clearly shows a lack of understanding as to what the position needs and entails.

Culture change is what is needed from the outside. The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Hiring a in house math teacher with next to no experience to take our sports programs to the next level is a joke. Why relieve Greg Luna of his position in the first place. Everyone said he did a fine job except for the lack of winning, which supposedly is why he was let go.

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Janet Anderson and Geoff Yantz need to understand that parents want change. Transformative change that would jumpstart many of our boys and girls teams that have been dormant for far too long. For parents who may not know, there was a candidate who had support in the hundreds and is a leader in our community.

This was conveyed to both Superintendent Yantz and Principal Anderson and it clearly fell on deaf ears. This candidate was not even granted the courtesy of an interview. I guess the popular vote doesn’t count; it’s just a pseudo electoral college of one.

As a parent of multiple student athletes I can tell you a major disservice has been done and a once proud tradition at SPHS will continue to falter. Parents and student athletes in our community will look to take their talents elsewhere as they enter high school. High school athletics are important, sad to say I guess Principal Janet Anderson is the last to know.

– John Knowles


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