September 26, 2020, 5:57 am

Letter To The Editor


Letter to the Editor | City Staff and City Council Tried to Eviscerate the...

City Attorney Highsmith, recently retired City Manager DeWolfe (who retired on September 12, 2020), Police Chief Ortiz and Public Safety Commission Subcommittee consisting of two City Councilmembers, tried to eviscerate the powers of the...

Letter to the Editor | ‘City Government Offers No Help with Power Blackout in...

All the homes on Las Palmitas Street in the Monterey Hills have been without power since about 10:30 am on Sunday, September 7. Temperature in our homes reached 106 degrees yesterday. Requests to the City...

Letter to the Editor | ‘Edison is Extremely Difficult to Work With’

For those of us living on Las Palmitas, this Labor Day weekend represents the umpteenth three day weekend in the last five years we have spent without electricity. It’s a regular occurrence, I could...

Letter to the Editor | ‘Gratuitous PR for the Police Department’

Dear Editor, I am troubled by a string of articles coming out in The South Pasadenan online over the last week. The first article involves a modest increase in the crime rate but is written to...

Letter to the Editor | ‘A Letter from a Local Housing Advocate’

Dear South Pasadena: With all the chaos that has ensued the past six months, I was torn away from my usual activism of fighting for South Pasadena renters. As early as April, I knew the inevitable...

Letter to the Editor | ‘We Support Stephen Rossi and Lawrence Abelson’

Dear Mayor and City Council: As South Pasadena residents who live in District No. 2, we, Delaine Shane and Susan Sulsky, thank most of the city council who voted for the expedited process to appoint...

Letter to the Editor | ‘Vote Yes on Measure U’

The UUT is on the ballot for renewal this fall. Measure U will not increase in the current rate and voters can repeal this tax at any time. What makes South Pasadena exceptional? In the midst of...

Letter to the Editor | ‘Let’s Not Make Our Financial Situation More Difficult’

South Pasadena Needs to Keep the Utility Users Tax (UUT) by Voting Yes on Measure U November 3. 2020 will go down as a year we would all like to forget. Businesses have shut down,...

Letter to the Editor | ‘City’s Actions Against Alison Smith’

Khubesrian was right. She’s not solely responsible for the City’s horrendous actions against Alison Smith. City Manager DeWolfe and City Attorney Highsmith are equally to blame. DeWolfe lead an organization that: Violated city and state law...

Letter to the Editor | ‘I Speak as an Ally’

I’m here to support Fahren and London and the Black Lives Matter movement nationwide. I’m here to support the cause. I believe in this. I speak as an ally. I’ve lived in South Pasadena for...
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