November 30, 2020, 7:10 am

Letter To The Editor


Letter to the Editor | Bob Joe Concedes Election to Evelyn Zneimer

Congratulations to City Clerk Evelyn Zneimer for winning the City Council seat representing District 1. I wish her the best in representing the City of South Pasadena and her district. I extend my thanks to all those who...

Letter to the Editor | ‘THANK YOU South Pasadena Voters!’

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Once again you have affirmed your support for our public safety departments, city services and small town way of life. On November 3rd South Pasadena voters approved Measure U by a...

Letter to the Editor | ‘Concerns About City Response to Trump Rally’

By Ava Dunville My name is Ava Dunville and I’m a very concerned resident of South Pasadena. Sunday, I was in attendance of the Counter Protest taking place on Mission and Fair Oaks. I was...

Letter to the Editor | ‘Jack Donovan for City Council’

The upcoming City Council Race is important to the future of our City.  The sitting City Council has made some good moves in accepting the resignation of a dishonored City Council person, and the...

Letter to the Editor | ‘Tips for South Pasadena Voters’

By Alan Ehrlich The SOUTH PASADENA LIBRARY COMMUNITY ROOM on El Centro Street is now open for in person voting from 10 am to 7 pm daily. On Election Day, Nov. 3, hours are 7 a.m....

Letter to the Editor | ‘Write In Rossi and Here’s Why’

By Ron Rosen  It has come to my attention that three candidates for City Council are sharing the same campaign backers and working together to help each other get elected. Those candidates are Bob Joe,...

Letter to the Editor | ‘My Support for Dr. Patricia Martinez-Miller for School Board’

By Richard Murphy I am a resident of South Pasadena, father of two school-aged boys, a dedicated coach and an infectious disease doctor with L.A. County. I write here to voice my support for Dr....

Letter to the Editor | ‘My Full Support and Endorsement for Jon Primuth’

By Andrew Berk Jon Primuth is a skillful leader and an exceptional candidate who I fully support and endorse for our next Councilperson, District 3, South Pasadena. Jon has continued to show his balanced, diligent and...

Letter to the Editor | ‘Vote Yes on Measure U to Preserve the South...

By Ellen Torres, President, Friends of the South Pasadena Public Library Vote yes on Measure U to preserve the South Pasadena that we all love. As a child growing up in South Pasadena, I enjoyed going...

Letter to the Editor | ‘Letter to Chief Ortiz Regarding Joe Richcreek Hate Crime’...

Letter submitted to South Pasadena Police Department Police Chief Joe Ortiz by James DeSimone, Civil Rights Lawyer on August 12, 2020. Dear Chief Ortiz: I am writing on behalf of and at the request of Fahren...
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