Letter to the Editor | ‘The Negative Influence of Donald Trump’s Demeanor on Young Children’

Many things about President Trump, from his immoral behaviors to his public image, are highly questionable

FILE PHOTO: Esteban Lopez | SouthPasadenan.com News | Trump Rally and counter-protest at the intersection of Fair Oaks Ave and Mission St in South Pasadena

By Bridget Bickell, SPHS Class of 2026

In today’s world, political opinion and stance is something that is more highly debated than ever. I feel our President, Donald Trump, is exuding a bad image for young children who may not be old enough to completely understand politics.

I think we can all agree that Donald Trump is someone who often appears or is talked about on TV and News Channels. Many things about President Trump, from his immoral behaviors to his public image, are highly questionable. To young children he is the face of the United States, the person who has the power to change things.

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The News media commonly talks about the President in the most neutral way possible. Still, you can’t avoid the fact of the matter; Donald Trump has made some very bad decisions.

For example, the President has still not accepted that President Elect Joe Biden has won the election. He reassured his followers that he would win the election, but when he lost to Biden he did not act honorably. It is tradition that when someone loses the election, they must accept that the person who won is the new President and transition the presidency peacefully. Hillary Clinton did this for Donald Trump, and it is just childish for him not to do the same for Joe Biden.

Young children will no doubt grow up hearing about the bad decisions Trump has made and believe that this is the potential of America. In my opinion, past presidents like Obama better embodied the morals of modern day America. Yet, many children were unable to process or appreciate his contribution.

Many things that President Trump has done, from his handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic to his track record of being discriminatory against marginalized groups, has shown what a poor leader he is. For these reasons I believe Donald Trump’s behaviors are a bad influence on young children.