Happy Mother’s Day Weekend | The Town is Bustling

Celebrations & Preparations are in Full Swing this Weekend - Love You Moms!

PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | SouthPasadenan.com | Happy Mother's Day!

South Pasadena, Pasadena, Highland Park, & The Los Angeles Arts District is buzzing with activity and preparations for Mother’s Day 2018.

Families are excitedly shopping through all the best spots in area to find just the right flowers and gifts.  Parking? Forget it! Fun? YES!  Getting everything ready for mom is half the fun.

Mothers: Here’s a quick profile on another ‘best mom ever’.  Do you have a good story about YOUR mother? Send it in! media@southpasadenan.com

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Mother: Sandra Young

Sandra Young is anticipating a call from her South Pasadena son Steven this Sunday.  She’s off on a big adventure across the country – Sold the house and just about everything in it, bought a new huge truck and she left Southern California with her husband (Steven’s dad) Michael in a 50′ long 5th-wheel trailer to go of and see…. everything.

Visiting long lost family, seeing all the sights on the bucket-list, stopping and staying in places little known to any, Sandra has embraced retirement like a pirate after gold doubloons. She’s a mom filled with joy and adventure that is rarely matched to be sure.

PHOTO: Mom – Sandra Young – Among the Best Moms Ever

Adventure huh? Oh yes: Sandra was an avid sailor back in the day.  She could single hand a 28′ sloop with the best of them — not an easy task on some of the waters this tough lady mastered.  ‘Ever sailed on the Columbia River in Oregon in hard weather?  It’s no glassy day trip to Catalina.

How about 10 knot currents, 30 knot prevailing winds, all packed in a mile wide river with 5’ whitecaps.  No problem.  She’d race any other boats worthy! Then, calmly get back to the slip, tie down the boat, fix her hair, and make dinner.  Amazing.  We left out a lot of sailing jargon – like the 20+ tacks it takes to get back to the marina.

Thank you – to all moms.  You showed us all how the ‘be’, in the most loving way. 

“It is at our mother’s knee that we acquire our noblest and truest and highest ideals.”   ~Mark Twain

PHOTO: Norton Simon Museum | Pasadena




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