Arroyo Vista Elementary | Giving Back to the Community


2021-2022 Character Trait of the Month: Each month a different trait is emphasized and November was “Kindness.” In our morning announcements and school assembly we reminded students to be Kind to others at school, home and our community to create a positive and accepting school climate.  We incorporated a variety of community based Kindness themed activities across campus. Students were read stories about Kindness in the AV library. Our librarian, Mrs. Baydaline, also engaged students in an interactive display of Random Acts of Kindness. First Grade classrooms were challenged to complete a kindness challenge and spread good cheer around AV. The AV Garden Alley was updated with a “StoryWalk” about what it means to kind. Our AV Student Council created a powerpoint presentation with examples of Kindness for all grade levels to engage with.

PHOTO: Megan Gardner | South News | Arroyo Vista Elementary Kindness Project

Previous and future months include:  September was Safe, Respectful and Responsible; October was Cooperation; November and December: Kindness; January: Self Care; February: Problem Solving; March: Friendship Skills; April: Inclusiveness; May: Citizenship.

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AV Wildcat Adventure & Dine AV: In past years we’ve held fundraisers at local restaurants to support a variety of AV programs. We also used to have a weekend long community wide “Wildcat Adventure.” However, this year during our first Dine AV, instead of asking for a portion of the sales as a donation, the restaurants kept their entire additional revenue and we instead turned the 3 day event into an “AV Wildcat Adventure” scavenger hunt. Parents and students would check in at each location (Berry Opera, Tomato Pie, and Jones), scan a QR code and earn points toward a raffle of popsicles, pizza and more. It was just our way of saying “Thank you” to all our favorite local businesses.

PHOTO: Kelly Kwan | South News | Mrs. Rogers 5th grade class making cards for troops in partnership with Operation Gratitude.

AV Gives Back: As another way of our school giving back, our November AV service project project included Mrs. Rogers 5th grade class making cards for troops. In partnership with Operation Gratitude, our November service project shows our appreciation for deployed service members! Students who participated also earned “Wildcat Adventure” points towards raffles like the Dine AV event. Ive attached a picture of some of the students’ work. More info is here on our site: