Adobe Design on Mission St | An Eclectic Shop in South Pasadena

After over 25+ years in La Cañada, Adobe moved and is now the newest member on South Pasadena’s most charming street… Mission Street.

It is located along side many great, established shops that all have unique and wonderful things to offer, making shopping or strolling on the street an old time pedestrian event. Adobe is a beautifully curated boutique, and has by many been described as a calming, museum like atmosphere.

Adobe carries an eclectic array of unique gifts, antiquities, household accessories and specializing in one-of-a-kind treasures from the four corners of the world. They also offer handcrafted jewelry, candles, European soaps, teas, honey, spices and more. Not to mention organic clothing, toys and accessories for your little ones.”

Sue Stranger, owner and creator of Adobe Design, has had a career as varied and interesting as all the items you will find in her store. Growing up in Holland with Dutch Indonesian heritage, her creative instincts are not limited to any one country or style. Sue’s creative capabilities first showed themselves when she taught herself to knit by deconstructing sweaters when she was in her early teens.

At her first store in Virginia in the ’70’s she taught knitting, crochet, macrame and needlepoint and more to her customers. In the mid-70’s she moved back to California and opened a store in Palos Verdes, and worked with designers to create bedding for their clients. Sue moved into a corporate career after that, starting out as a secretary and quickly growing to become a vice president and creative director on advertising accounts for brands like Mighty Dog, Friskies, Carnation and Sara Lee. 

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In the 90’s, Sue decided she could do it all, so she opened the original Adobe Design in La Cañada and started her own advertising agency at the same time, doing creative for Sara Lee and Nestle confections.

As if that wasn’t enough, several customers asked her to take on interior and exterior design work for them, and Sue went on to do full remodels of homes in La Cañada and Montecito. As Adobe Design grew to become the go-to gift, decorating and housewares store in La Canada Sue created the La Cañada Merchants Association, bringing together 76 merchants to promote ‘shop local’. Sue created “Trick or Treat on the Boulevard”, Hop Along the Boulevard and several other sidewalk events. 

She also designed and produced a Shop-Eat Local Guide to LCF. Sue was honored as Businesswoman of the Year for her contributions.

To see what Sue’s unique vision brings to life, just pop in to Adobe Design on Mission Street and discover unique holiday treasures from around the world. Sue also expresses her creative vision with her own line of custom jewelry designed with organic semi-precious and precious stones.

She says, “Having a thirst for traveling, meeting other artisans and discovering their culture, I have made connections all over the world, and I have brought unusual and interesting items from France, England, Germany, Luxembourg, Mexico, Portugal, Morocco, South Africa and many more countries…as well as some wonderful artisan-produced items and jewelry from right here in the USA.”

So, stop by Adobe Design to check out Sue’s line of jewelry and all the other unique holiday treasures sourced from around the world, including her fabulous European Gift Baskets and Grab & Go gifts (you are welcome to create your own basket). Was your vacation cancelled? 

Enjoy traveling through Adobe and discovering what the world has to offer, no passport required. Shop…Eat….Support South Pasadena on historic Route 66.

Services Available: Gift wrapping, Curbside pick-up, FREE local delivery and private shopping upon request, reach out at:

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Happy Holidays…looking forward to a healthy 2021!