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Drew Hodis of Hodis Learning & Music isn’t your ordinary tutor. He’s a future PhD candidate, psychology student and mentor, and he brings all those elements to every session with his students.

“I believe the most effective way for students to learn is through kindness, patience, empathy and positive motivation,” explains Hodis, “And I’ve seen it work. That’s what drives my teaching philosophy and I instill it in each of my tutors and instructors.”

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Hodis started as an individual tutor almost a decade ago. With nine tutors, music and art instructors now on staff he can offer assistance for almost any subject.

“I started as a tutor when I was at South Pasadena High School, and I mainly worked with special needs students,” he describes. “I always loved helping them and figuring out ways to make the information more approachable. It was so rewarding!”

A couple years ago, when Hodis needed a job, he didn’t want a typical, entry-level position. He kept thinking back to high school and tutoring. At that point, he also knew he wanted to get his PhD so he could be a clinical psychologist and professor.

“I realized then that I wanted to start my own tutoring and music instruction company. I knew starting a business would require a lot more effort than working shifts at a restaurant or store, but I needed to do something meaningful.”

“Tutoring for me isn’t just about helping a student finish their homework. I see a lot of kids struggling with stress and self-esteem, I want to give them confidence and encouragement,” Hodis explains.

“You can’t do your best work if you don’t feel motivated. I want my students to know someone believes in them and they can accomplish anything—in the classroom and beyond.”

Hodis uses his previous tutoring experience and knowledge to make learning accessible for all students. “I can help students of all levels and abilities, so if your child has say dyslexia, my team and I will adjust our teaching methods to ensure we’re covering material efficiently and effectively.”

There’s more to the company than just tutoring though; as the name suggests, music is also an integral part of Hodis’ business. “I grew up playing piano, I was trained classically for 13 years and I also play guitar, drums, trumpet, tuba and I sing,” Hodis recounts.

“Music is so powerful and therapeutic. Listening to music and playing music has helped me through challenges and connected me to some of my best friends. I want students of any age to experience the same joy and transformation from music that I’ve experienced!”

And as he mentions, his services are not limited to only school-aged children. Anyone of any age is encouraged to sign up for a session if they’re interested or need the help. “My tutors and I don’t strictly work with kindergarten through high school. We have tutors who can help with college-level courses, teach English as a second language, or help you learn the basics of a new instrument.”

Drew is putting in the time and work with his staff to ensure his services are accessible to as many people in the area; all while in the process of starting his PhD program.

“With my PhD, one of my goals is to develop a peer mentoring program in South Pasadena to connect students and the community.”

But one goal that will always remain the same for Hodis is to leave his students feeling more confident in their understanding of the subject material. And with that confidence, to see the results reflected in their grades and their readiness.

To schedule a session, call (626) 227-1149 or visit hodislearning.com.

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