To a Fallen Comrade, And to Those Left Behind Who Mourn Her Loss

A poem by Rick Leddy

PHOTO: courtesy of the author

I did not know her

But she was family

Taken from this world

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Too soon

All of us brought together

Through a senseless act

All of us diminished

Through incomprehensible loss

Reaching for understanding

Of how a moment can become

A lifetime of grief

The vibration of it

Flowing through our bodies and thoughts

Determining movement

In this uncertain world

I did not know her

But I see her in my companions’ eyes

Hear her in whispers of condolence

Feel her in the concern of strangers

Customers who are friends

Who sing dirges

Strangers who shake their heads slowly

And say

I am so sorry

Those who never knew her

But who are family

All of us one and the same

Children made of stardust

Temporary and fragile

Holding each other against the cold

Absorbing the warmth of love’s embrace

Believing in the miracle of us

Standing for hope against all odds

I did not know her

But I do

In the every day

In the every hour

In the heartbeat of who we are

In the cadence of who we can be

Go in peace

Let the wind gather you up

Reveal the impossible light

Kiss you gently

And take you



PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | | Author and poet Rick Leddy

Rick Leddy is a poet, cartoonist, graphic designer, author, editor, and art director. He is the author of two poetry books, “365+1”, a collection of poetry that contains 366 poems — a poem a day — for the year 2016 and “Metro Mona Lisa”, which chronicles his journeys on the Los Angeles Metro and containing a unique blend of graphics and written word. He has authored two other books: “LeBron James – King of the Game” and “American Heroes: The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Road to Glory.” You will find him fending off imaginary enemies in the park when he isn’t writing or drawing.