South Pasadena Goes Green | Clean Power Alliance

Clean Power Alliance is the new, locally controlled electricity provider in Southern California and is being rolled out in the city

PHOTO: Clean Power Alliance |

The Clean Power Alliance (CPA) is California’s new, locally operated electricity provider for communities across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Clean Power Alliance “fills the wires” with cleaner electricity that it has purchased, and Southern California Edison will continue to deliver power, read your electric meter, send one monthly bill and provide the same maintenance and other services.

The CPA’s program objective is to provide options for a higher level of renewable energy content at competitive rates. The CPA purchases energy on behalf of its member agencies where energy is procured from mostly non-polluting, clean and renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power (no coal or nuclear power).

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The South Pasadena City Council has set the default energy mix for South Pasadena at 100% Renewable/GHG Free (for residential customers, effective February 2019). Customers will still be able to opt in at their preferred energy mix options offered by the CPA. The CPA will provide four written notices to customers when beginning service so that you can make informed decisions regarding the type of electricity you want. Southern California Edison continues to deliver power, read electric meter, send monthly bill, and provide the same maintenance and other services.

For more information, call (888) 585-3788 or visit