Psst! Have you been to Lloyd & Lane yet?

Bonnie Hargett and Alexander Tovar in the front room of Lloyd & Lane Found Objects

When you meet Bonnie Hargett at her shop Lloyd & Lane, it feels like a coffee klatch in your favorite neighbor’s home; albeit the neighbor with enviable taste in all things unique, beautiful and vintage that you wish you had in your home. Perhaps it’s why you visit so often. Walking up to Lloyd & Lane Found Objects on the corner of Fair Oaks and Oxley is indeed like stepping into a friend’s Craftsman; wrap-around porch with the bike leaning against the railing and into their welcoming living room, which leads to more rooms to discover, all filled with treasures beautifully displayed.

Curated gifts for every occasion

A local mother working in the corporate world, Bonnie has always had an interest in interior design, vintage and antiques. For years, upon seeing things in Bonnie’s home, friends not only expressed a desire to have those things in their home but wished they could just never leave! At the beginning of last year, Bonnie was out walking her dogs and saw this beautiful space was available and she had her moment of “this is it”. She had always envisioned having a boutique that was in a house rather than a traditional storefront because “I wanted it to be an exploration, a journey”, saying that she had always wanted to create something of her own version of a more intimate Anthropologie. She goes on to say, “I wanted it to smell good, feel good, just a nice environment to be in.”

The children’s room in Lloyd & Lane’s homey boutique

It’s been a team effort with family members and Bonnie’s partner in crime in this endeavor, Alexander Tovar, whom she met when she produced his second film, Show Business. You will often find Tovar in the shop but he’s also behind the scenes handling administration, graphics and PR. “We work very well together and we learn from each other” says Tovar. Hargett echoes the sentiment when she states emphatically, “we’re a team!”

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Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by Bonnie or Alex, but, just as you would entering your best friend’s house, you may just holler, because they may be in one of the cute, themed rooms. One is immediately welcomed by the sights and sounds of comfort; from lush smelling candles to inviting couches and chairs piled with whimsical pillows. And everywhere you look is a new treasure. Around the corner is a whole display for unique accoutrements for your dog and tucked in a little side room are ribbons, boxes, garlands and greeting cards. There’s a piano with vintage sheet music. Feeling like you want to just stay a while? There’s more. The next room is full of singular pieces for the garden. I purchased a pot which I filled with succulents and it truly is my favorite piece in my yard. Exploring further down the hallway and you come to the children’s room, decorated, well, like a child’s room full of interesting books, toys, throws, pillows and more.

Lloyd & Lane Found Objects is everything we love here in South Pasadena; a cozy, family owned business that feels like a home away from home. Everything in this “home” is lovingly curated, item by item with Bonnie Hargett’s number one criteria; it is something she would love to have in her own home.

Lloyd & Lane Found Objects is located at 1026 Fair Oaks Avenue across from the Rialto Theater. They offer furnishings online that they personally deliver in the Los Angeles area. Stop in today and find your bliss.   Contact:

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 6pm
Sunday: 12pm – 5pm
Monday: Closed