Hotbox Vintage 2018 Showroom Grand Opening

Hotbox Vintage opens new location showroom in South Pasadena

PHOTO: Hotbox Vintage | | New Location Grand Opening 2018

South Pasadena’s favorite, go to vintage clothing store has relocated to a cool, new warehouse space at 1127 Mission Street (enter through the alleyway) and will be hosting a Grand Opening of their sparkling, offbeat showroom during this week’s Arts Crawl on Saturday July 21 from 5pm – 9pm. Be sure to pop in for complimentary drinks, live music and of course, amazing shopping. South Pasadenan’s Annika Gavlak sat down with Hotbox owner Delilah Rabina to talk about her latest chapter.

Annika: When did Hotbox first open?

Delilah: Hotbox opened in 2004 in a teeny tiny garden shed by the Gold Line Station in South Pasadena.

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Annika: What led you to open/pursue Hotbox as a business?

Delilah: I loved finding unique pieces with my mom when she would shop for design references for work; the collection sort of naturally turned into a walk in closet space that was fun to shop.

Annika: Why have you guys moved?

Delilah: I’ve always dreamed of having a space that was big enough to cater to the community we’ve built over the years and we finally found one that was just a few blocks away from where we started.

Annika: What are some advantages of Hotbox being online?

Delilah: One of my favorite advantages of being online is being available to vintage/retro shoppers from all over the world. We get to share our cool finds with everyone.

Annika: Why should people come to/be interested in the grand opening?

Delilah: For the free drinks?! I’m excited to reveal the new Hotbox showroom, which is still familiar, but in a lot of ways, brand new. It’s really just a party so customers old and new can come to celebrate everyone’s collective efforts.

Annika: What is different/better about the new location?

Delilah: It’s bigger than the old space, which means more room for possibilities! I love that we have the space to fit in a cool vintage lounge, an old bar and big dramatic mirrors, it makes shopping so much fun!

So join the party at Hotbox Vintage as South Pasadena celebrates the arts and shopping local for the Summer Arts Crawl 2018, Saturday July 21, 5pm – 9pm

PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | | Hotbox Vintage South Pasadena getting ready for grand opening Saturday July 21st, 2018