Elections 2024 | Sheila Rossi Announces Her Run For South Pasadena City Council District 2

Sheila Rossi Running for South Pasadena City Council 2024
Sheila Rossi is Running for South Pasadena City Council in the 2024 Elections November 8.

Sheila Rossi, a long-time resident and dedicated community advocate, proudly announces her candidacy for South Pasadena City Council District 2. With over two decades of community service and leadership, Rossi is committed to fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable future for South Pasadena while preserving its unique charm and sense of community.

Sheila Rossi discovered South Pasadena’s small-town, urban charm at a classic car show on Mission Street in 1998. Drawn by its vibrant, multi-ethnic community, walkability, and unique local shops, she moved here in 2007 to provide her three children with a strong education and a close-knit community.

Rossi’s 17 years in South Pasadena have been marked by extensive community service. Rossi currently serves as Vice-Chair of both the South Pasadena Finance Commission and the Finance Ad Hoc Committee, providing fiscal oversight and responsibility for our community well-being. She served on the Executive Board of the South Pasadena Educational Foundation (SPEF) and actively campaigned for the passage of Measure S (2009, 2013) & SP (2016) as a member of those committees. She has also been a member of the South Pasadena Arts Council, WISPPA, AYSO, co-chaired the LAC/USC Holiday Gift Giving Event with National Charity League, and served as a Girl Scouts leader. 

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Speaking on her vision for South Pasadena, Rossi stated, “Our city faces significant infrastructure, planning, and regional challenges, and I will advocate for our fair share of regional resources to ensure we have the means to improve our infrastructure and services. As a community leader, I am committed to incorporating resident feedback into responsible, data-informed planning and fiscal decisions that address our long-term needs while maintaining affordability.”

As a healthcare advocate and survivor of life-altering car accidents, Rossi emphasizes the importance of considering community health and wellness during the planning and policy making process.  “We know that 80% of health outcomes are influenced by social determinants of health (SDOH) or the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age.  As we plan for the future, we need to consider factors such as walkability, safe streets, access to open recreational spaces, social support systems, public safety, housing stability and economic opportunity throughout the decision making process.”    

Sheila’s campaign committee includes community members dedicated to the future of South Pasadena including, Mary Urquhart, Dean Serwin, Sherry Plotkin, Bill Cullinaine, Larry Abelson, Odom Stamps, Alberto Ocon, Bryan Samuels, Lauren Weinberger, John Adamson, Jacqueline Ficht, Omari Ferguson, Marsha Lau, Delaine Shane, Jerilyn Schmidt-Chun, Nick Taylor, Gavin Rossi, Sunah Shin, and Alison Smith. 

Rossi brings over twenty years of experience in strategic planning, data analysis, project management, and DEI leadership. She holds a BS in Business from UC Berkeley and an MHA from USC. Rossi is a member of SoCal American College of Healthcare Executives, HIMSS, and an alumna of Coro Women in Leadership and Lead LA. Currently, she is working on a Health Tech start-up. She is the proud mother of three South Pasadena raised changemakers.