DID YOU FEEL IT? 4.4 Earthquake Reported in La Verne

Earthquake: Did You Feel That?

CalTech: “A light earthquake occurred at 7:33:28 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, August 28, 2018.
The magnitude 4.4 event occurred 4 km (3 miles) N of La Verne.”

South Pasadenans reported feeling the quake and called in to SouthPasadenan.com News to check if in fact an earthquake had occurred.

The record from the Southern California Earthquake Data Center confirms the small quake about 30 miles away.  There are no reports of damage at this time.

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A second 3.4 quake immediately followed in the same area CalTech SCEDC reports.

The California Earthquake Authority reminds us about the “The Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety”

According to the CEA: “Follow the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety, and you’ll be prepared to survive and recover from the next damaging earthquake.”

Their fact sheet can be downloaded here: PDF EARTHQUAKE SAFETY FACT SHEET

Did YOU feel the quake? Comment below.


  1. 🤔 I was there tonight and I was very sad vibe at our favorite hardware store. I’m so sorry for the employees. I’m also sorry for us having to go miles to find anything that’s close to their product inventory and of course the personal service. You have to wonder if the corporate world Really Had to do this, eh Lowe’s?😰?!?