November 26, 2021, 6:55 pm

Tina Kistinger

Utility Box Art | A Guide to South Pasadena’s Public Art Project

South Pasadena has an enduring arts legacy and culture that dates back for decades. From South Pasadena resident Nelbert Chouinard establishing the Chouinard Art Institute in 1921 to Judson Studios to Arts Crawls to...
Budget South Pasadena 2021

South Pasadena Shares | Neighborly Gifting & Swaps!

Neighbors helping neighbors is a worthwhile endeavor that fosters community. In every neighborhood of South Pasadena, you will see neighbors openly sharing resources through little libraries and free pantries, sharing art in the Museum...

Little Libraries | A Guide to South Pasadena’s Reading Adventures

They come in many shapes and sizes and are scattered throughout the city. Little libraries foster community, inspire reading, and expand book access to all. South Pasadena is also home to a few little...

Museum of Free Art | Smallest Museum in South Pasadena

Museums have been existence for over five hundred years and have long celebrated art and the creative spirit. They range in size and scale from under 100 square feet to vast museum complexes and...

Bloom Report | August Blooming Flowers in South Pasadena

Stroll and drive along the streets of South Pasadena and you will be amazed at the wide variety of plants and trees that grow and thrive in our temperate climate. This guide will help...

Craft Kits for the Holidays | Nurture Your Creativity

Crafting creates treasured family memories and there is no time like the present to start a new tradition. Few things bring families together like crafting and it’s beneficial for all involved. It builds creativity...

Fundraiser Yard Sale

THIS SATURDAY JUNE 1st : A few families have banded together to offer a yard sale with many items to shop for including furniture, antiques, appliances, African art, French antiques, flowers, electronics, books, clothing...

Mother’s Day | Special DIY Crafted Card

There is no doubt that mothers are the best.  They raised us, nurtured us, taught us right versus wrong, provided us with food, clothing, and shelter.  And above all, they love us for who...

Global Crafting | 2019 Worldwide Virtual Crop

According to Wikipedia, scrapbooking is the method of preserving, presenting and arranging personal family history and memories in the form of a book, box or card.  It can be a solitary endeavor, but one...

UPDATE: Poppy Super Bloom Enthralls Southern California

UPDATE: It's possible the Lake St. freeway offramp will be closed in the afternoon due to overcrowding at the Walker Canyon Trailhead. Orange swaths of California poppies are covering the hillsides due to an unusually...
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