Bloom Report | August/September Blooming Flowers in South Pasadena

A monthly guide to flowering plants, vines and trees in South Pasadena

PHOTO: Tina Kistinger | News | Dahlias in South Pasadena

Stroll and drive along the streets of South Pasadena and you will be amazed at the wide variety of plants and trees that grow and thrive in our temperate climate. This guide will help you find these beauties tucked in private gardens, parkways and public parks all over town.

PHOTO: Tina Kistinger | News | Crape Myrtle in South Pasadena

Crape Myrtle: A small to medium sized shrub or tree covered in showy flowers with wrinkled petals like crepe paper in a wide range of colors including white, lilac, purple, and many shades of pink and red.

PHOTO: Tina Kistinger | News | Dahlias in South Pasadena

Dahlia: Sun-loving bushy, tuberous perennial plant that is an abundant bloomer. Flower colors include peach, red, lavender, white, yellow, pink, and bi-color in shapes varying from tiny pom poms to gigantic, corsage-worthy blooms.

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PHOTO: Tina Kistinger | News | Hydrangeas in South Pasadena

Hydrangea: Large globes of flowers cover this shrub. Bloom colors range from pink to blue, including all shades of lavender to violet to purple, as well as green and white.

PHOTO: Tina Kistinger | News | Plumeria in South Pasadena

Plumeria: A colorful flowering plant that produces numerous flowers with fragrant scents. Blooms in shades of yellow, white, orange, pink, and red with two or more colors often on the same five-petaled flower.

PHOTO: Tina Kistinger | News | Bougainvillea in South Pasadena

Bougainvillea: These tropical vine-like shrubs are thorny, evergreen summer bloomers that love the sun and bloom in a variety of colors – pink, purple, orange, yellow and white.