Letter to the Editor: Impacted by A Tutoring Service | The Improvement & Engagement Was Life-changing

A South Pasadena tutor saved our summer, and helped my student feel ready for senior year at SPHS

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As a parent of three kids in South Pasadena, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with tutoring services. Over the years, we’ve tried various tutors and services, including Mathnasium and different online tutors. While these services were helpful to some extent, they never quite provided the engagement and results we expected. That all changed when we found Hodis Learning & Music (HLM).

Facing Summer School Challenges – Setbacks and an overwhelming pace nearly wasted an entire summer.

Summer school was an opportunity for my high schooler to take an advanced math class at SPHS to help reduce the workload and stress of the regular school year coming up. The summer courses are condensed, and the pace is relentless. This was incredibly stressful for all of us. My teenager was struggling, and with the intensity of summer school pace, it was clear getting a great tutor was the next move – but I was apprehensive due to past results.

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Discovering Tutoring at Hodis Learning & Music.

While web searching, I ran across a few articles on The South Pasadenan and decided to try Hodis Learning & Music. Easy signup, and very impressed with how authentic Drew Hodis, the leader of the team, is. He set me up with what he felt was a good fit from his staff. The impact was immediate.

Our Hodis tutor, who has several South Pasadena students with Hodis Learning, assessed my teen’s individual needs and learning styles – in like the first 15 minutes. They got right to work. This wasn’t a cookie-cutter approach; it was personalized and tailored. The tutor was fun, easy, smart, professional, and engaging.

I signed up for 45 minutes sessions, twice a week.

My inspiration to share my family’s experience with our community came after my teen was actually EXCITED to ‘crush’ the next test coming up. I was nearly in tears. Astonishing. Scores changed from C-/D+ to B+ in a matter of weeks.

The confidence gain in the coursework was priceless. It was a relief to see them balanced and happy, even with the demanding curriculum.

The rates are very reasonable. I’ve paid more, for much less. When I asked Drew Hodis about the rates, he said that “…of course he needs to be competitive, but is more interested in access.” He also mentioned that the tutors are paid nearly all the rate charged. I was interested to know that Drew is in the middle of completing his PhD in Clinical Psychology, and I could tell he’s invested in really helping students grow.

Why I Recommend Hodis Learning & Music | Math Tutor

The pressures of a condensed curriculum, teenage life, and summertime quickly became a little too much, and failure was not an option. Our experience with tutors at Hodis Learning was overwhelmingly positive, and I’m confident it will be the same for other families.

By sharing my story, I hope to help other parents try getting a great tutor on-board. The growth and success was worth it.