South Pasadena Shares | Neighborly Gifting & Swaps!

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Neighbors helping neighbors is a worthwhile endeavor that fosters community. In every neighborhood of South Pasadena, you will see neighbors openly sharing resources through little libraries and free pantries, sharing art in the Museum of Free Art, and free items up for grabs in parkways and yards.

Another hyperlocal gifting option has been established in town, South Pasadena Shares on Facebook. The site is for trading and/or neighborly sharing of resources. The concept is simple and the benefits are vast.

The purpose of the group is to give and receive with no strings attached or money exchanged. While it’s beneficial for decluttering and simplifying your life, there are many reasons why it pays to join this group or a similar one.

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It gives the community the opportunity to be more eco-friendly by saving items from being dumped in the landfill. It benefits the environment by following the 5 R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, and repurpose. It helps people live a more sustainable life. And sometimes, it can save you money.

A member was moving into a new apartment and needed specific items to furnish it. The post began with an ASK with a list of items ranging from small furniture to cleaning tools. The replies rolled in over the next few hours including a few offers and a few more with hot tips detailing where said items could be found.

Aside from asking, you can also GIVE. One member decided to host a small giveaway of random items that included journals, frame mats, hair ties, wastebaskets, clothes, and vases. Another member offered a twin daybed that converted into a standard king. A third member offered cuttings from a firestick plant to the group.

Anything and everything can be shared. Items run the gamut from food and clothes to tools and cleaning products to toys and magazines. Services can be offered too. Whatever you would like to offer to the community is allowed.

Participating in a local gifting economy is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to give and receive with your neighbors. It brings people together over shared interests and builds the fabric of the community. While generosity between neighbors is nothing new, South Pasadena Shares streamlines the process and helps the environment too.