This is Halloween | ScareLA Bring the Chills In August

ScareLa Los Angeles' Fantastic Halloween convention took place this August 25 and 26, 2018 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Gabby and Josh in an impeccable Twilght Zone cosplay.

Halloween is a very special time of the year for South Pasadenans; not only was John Carpenter’s original ‘Halloween’ filmed here in 1978, but when I was growing up Halloween was a big deal.  With that in mind I was beyond excited to go to Los Angeles’ Halloween Convention, ScareLA and I wasn’t disappointed.

Fog and gigantic Jack-o-Lanterns greeted us as we entered the hall at the Los Angeles Convention center.  Screams from various haunts could be heard.  People in costumes were everywhere.  Booths selling art work, literature, clothing, movies and just general Horror Movie collectibles filled the hall.  The hardest decision I had to make all weekend was: where do I start?

I cannot stress how amazing every single person at this convention was.  From the people who ran it to the actors in their booths signing pictures.  Everybody was there in support of Horror and that community is very loyal to it’s own.  I had never been to a convention where I met people so easy to connect with who were so happy just to be celebrating Halloween a few month early.

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PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Everybody was having a ghoulish time including a couple of monsters hanging out at the Reign of Terror haunt booth.

The Costumes were fantastic.  Lots of scary Clowns and my personal favorite, Scarecrows. Some characters you already know like Michael Myers and some from the dark minds of the con goers. I adored the enthusiasm in which people throw themselves into their own ideas and designs; getting a chance to see such unique creativity left me feeling inspired and it just wasn’t for adults.

As much as I have always loved Halloween it’s always held a special kind of magic to children and ScareLA is age friendly.  Children in costume, booths for them to do art work or make masks were everywhere.  The haunts were scary and a little bloody but that’s part of the fun when you’re a kid.  While I certainly wouldn’t suggest bringing a child under 7 or 8, there was plenty for children around that age to do with getting just the right kind of scare.

PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | An amazing airbrush Cosplay in mid snarl.

There were also some top notch actors at the convention.  Tim DeZarn was there promoting his new film Buckshot which can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube and Cable and Satellite on Demand.  Tim has been in a number of projects including one of my all time favorite movies ‘Cabin In The Woods’ as well as the popular prequel to the remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.  He’s a fantastic actor and a real pleasure to get to meet.

PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Actor Tim DeZarn from Fight Club, The Cabin in the Woods and Spider-man was promoting his new film Buckshot.

Another actor and the one I was the most excited to get to meet Robert Allen Mukes was there.  Signing photos and chatting up with his fans it was so refreshing to see somebody of this caliber so approachable.  Getting to shake his hand was a definite highlight of the convention for me.

PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | House of 1,000 Corpses Actor Robert Allen Mukes signing autographs.

The haunts themselves were well designed and tons of fun.  In the Pandemic Haunt you had to get through the maze while not getting touched by any zombies. At the end they scanned you for infection, those clean were led out of the maze safely while others, like myself, weren’t so lucky.  I was pulled aside where I had to dance before soldiers brought out fake machine guns to shoot me down!  Afterwards they stamped my hand INFECTED so everyone knew.  It was a very creative angle on the Zombie theme.

PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | A bloody skeleton adorned one of the many sets.

There were also so many panels and stage shows to see.  From Linda Blair to George C Romero,  VR experiences, a Silent Scream Disco, makeup demos and screenings.  There was literally too much to catch in one weekend which to me is a good thing; I wanted more at the end of both days.  Bands like The Rhythm Coffin were also rocking just outside of the main hall as you entered.

I literally cannot speak highly enough of ScareLA and all the people who participated.  If there’s one convention that I would go to every year it’s this one.  I can’t wait to watch them grow more and get larger, they certainly deserve it.  It is absolutely now on my yearly to do list and will continue to be for as long as it’s running.  If you love Halloween and Art that is Horror you can’t miss this con.  I’m already excited for next year.  My only regret is I was unable to see everything.  See you next year Boils and Ghouls!

PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Michael was one of the best scary Scarecrows.

Just Some of The Many Booths that I was able to see:

Light Up Masks – Masks that light up.  For you Purge fans out there. Accessories too.

Supered UP Monster Kids!    Spooky Comic Books and more!

Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hollywood, Horror Made Here Festival of Frights – Dark Mazes, Scare Zones, Night Tours and more.

Pheran Couture – Dark Accessories hand made and used by such artists as Nergal Darski and Derrick Green.

WhedonCon – Convention for Joss Whedon fans by Joss Whedon fans.

Ken’s Tools– Hand made sculpting tools by Ken Banks.

Gory Girl– Halloween Event Staging.  Bringing Props to life.  Prop rental, interior and outdoor staging.  Stunning set pieces.

Mary Manchin – Visual Development-VFX

The Ruby of the West– Neo-Vicrorian Merchantile.  Clothing, perfumes and jewelry.

Ryan Stockstad – Vintage Movie Posters and Memorabilia.

Gypsey Taylor Pencil Skirt Productions Inc – Award winning designer: The Babadook and more.

Blood and Teeth –  Handmade Horrors

Dreadful Little Things by Megan Mariner – “Giving old dolls a new afterlife” Horror dolls including custom orders.

Pinhead Monsters – Adorable hand crafted monsters as well as prints.

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor – 6 mazes, 5 weeks, 4 alternate paths, 3 secret Bars, 2 stages and only 1 way out!

Sinister Pointe’s Scary Place –  Sept. 28 – Oct. 31 Laguna Hills CA, California’s Largest Multi-Level Halloween Event.

Counter Communications – Dark Intense Soundscapes brought to you by Chris Wirsig

Chris and Jane’s Place : Zombie Gnomes – Adorable bloody Gnomes!

Demonic Pinfestation – Pins, Spell bags, stickers, clothing and more!

Reign of Terror Haunted House – 19th annual haunt at Janss Marketplace in Thousand Oaks.  Over 23,00 feet!

FaceFx – Authorized GREX dealer, professional airbrush products and other FX items.

Ben Russel – Artist and Illustrator

Horror World – Spooky vendors, artists and a creepy gaming area plus Haunts!

Demented Entertainment – Alice’s Bloody Adventures in Wonderland!

PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Zombie Gnomes at Chris And Jane’s Place booth.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | We’re all a little mad here, lot’s of macabre Alice and Wonderland themed cosplay could be found.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Michael was one of the best scary Scarecrows.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | The Babadook cosplay worn by Orla
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Little Leatherface at the Pinhead Monsters booth.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | A piece of one of the Gory Girl sets
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Booths full of make up design and application were everywhere, a great thing for the aspiring make up artist.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | A giant Ouija board adorned the floor.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Every type of spooky cosplay could be seen, even by some of the booth workers.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Krumpus came to take the bad children away!
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Krumpus could be seen stalking through the crowd.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Horror installations were on almost every wall. Gory Girl.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Horror installations were on almost every wall. Gory Girl.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Horror installations were on almost every wall. Gory Girl.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Michael Myers in front of a wall of carved pumpkins.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | A haunted train ride with beautiful black light art.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | A skeleton knight guarded one of the Haunts that could be found through out the convention.

PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Ben Russel showing of some of his spooktacular artwork
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Raul Contreras at Demented Entertainment showing his magnificently creative work and book Alice’s Bloody Adventures in Wonderland.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | I was almost attacked by a zombie on my way to another maze.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | It’s not even Krumpusnacht!
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | It’s not even Krumpusnacht!
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | A pyramidhead from Silent Hill haunted the Blood And Teeth booth.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Look out for this cannibal at The Reighn of Terror Haunt!
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Reign of Terror Haunt with a babyface masked killer.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | guarding the gates!
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Look out Sandy Claws, it’s Lock, Shock and Barrel! Cosplay by Anna Ekback, Justin Ekback and Elisabeth Jamison
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Mr Chuckles dressed up as Pennywise the Dancing Clown
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Who doesn’t love Dread Central? Jon working the booth filled with movies and t-shirts.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | I don’t know if that’s an Elmo I’d want to play with. Elmo-Freddy Cosplay by Matthew Rodriguez
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Sheila Karimi in an awesome SAW cosplay.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | A vampire baby at the Dreadful Little Things booth.
PHOTO: Janey Mae Presley | | Even I couldn’t resit a picture in one of the beautiful set pieces designed by Gory Girl event staging.