Student Playground Improvements | SPUSD Snapshot

PHOTO: SPUSD | Mango the Lion tests out the new playground structure at Marengo Elementary School.

News provided by SPUSD

South Pasadena Unified School District added new playground structures to Arroyo Vista and Marengo Elementary Schools. Monterey Hills received a new multi-purpose turf field improvement since the playground structure, added in 2016, is in great condition.

Designed for children ages 5-12, the Marengo play structure features a slither slide, which allows for more than one child to slide at a time. It also includes a disco spinner, funnel adventure tube, kaleidobarrier, and rope ladder.

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PHOTO: SPUSD | Multi-purpose turf field has been added at Monterey Hills Elementary School.

The Arroyo Vista play structure features built-in shade to help keep the children and the equipment cool on hot days. The playground includes climbing squares, slides, and play cubes with a rubber surface on which children can safely land.

SPUSD is grateful for the support of the Measure SP bond initiative and the SPEF Parti Gras Paddle Raise, which both helped to fund these outdoor improvements. All improvements are designed to encourage physical activity and ensure that children have a fun, safe place to play.

PHOTO: SPUSD | Whiskers the Wildcat tests out the new playground structure at Arroyo Vista Elementary School.