SPARC South Pasadena High School Juried Art Show

SPARC hosts artists reception for SPHS juried art show now at SPARC Gallery through June 22, 2018

x City Councilman Bob Joe pictured with SPHS art teacher Aimee Levee with SPHS art students honored at the SPARC juried art show at SPARC Gallery in South Pasadena

An artists’ reception was held Saturday June 2 to open the Annual South Pasadena High School Juried Art Show at the SPARC Gallery in South Pasadena.

PHOTO: Alisa Hayashida | | Artist Alicia Alderete with her piece entitled “Bearly Seen” as part of the juried art show at SPARC gallery

The annual art show was begun by the South Pasadena Chamber and Scott Feldman several years ago as a way to support the high school arts department by showcasing their artwork. In recent years, SPARC has continued the tradition in the now renamed SPARC Gallery and the art show is juried by SPARC with Dr. Claudia Bohn-Spector being one of the key jury members.

PHOTO: Alisa Hayashida | | Artist Isabella Frescura pictured with SPARC CEO Howard Spector, South Pasadena City Chamber President Laurie Wheeler, and City Councilman Bob Joe at the SPHS Juried Art Show at SPARC Gallery

1st place prize of $250 was awarded to Truman Lesak

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2nd place prize of $150 was awarded to Ashton Carless

3rd place prize of $100 was awarded to Yiling (Elaine) Gong

Art Center For Teens Free Class award (valued at $400) was awarded to Dominic Donnelly

PHOTO: Alisa Hayashida | | Lucy Eller was awarded a scholarship of the arts for poetry by the Chamber of Commerce and is pictured with City Councilmembers Michael Cacciotti and Bob Joe, along with Chamber President Laurie Wheeler

Congratulations to the winners and to all of the juried artists. The art will be on display at the SPARC gallery located inside the Chamber of Commerce, 1121 Mission Street, through June 22.


The artists whose artwork juried into the SPARC gallery show are:


Alicia Alderete “Bearly Seen”

Ashton Carless, “Self-Portrait on a Red Background” (2nd Place)

Jia Qi Chen, “By the Sea”

Jia Qi Chen, “Forest”

Jia Qi Chen, “Nebula”

Dominic Donnelly, “Framed (Compression, Stress, Distortions)” – Art Center Award

David Perez Espinosa, “Alchemical Hannah”

Isabella Frescura, “Crew Working on Trees”

Isabella Frescura, “Why Do You Draw Yourself So Much?”

Mahima Girish, “Future”

Mahima Girish, “So Bright”

Yiling (Elaine) Gong, “Within Reach” (3rd Place)

Yiling (Elaine) Gong, “Youths of the 1970’s”

Ashlyn Kawakami, “Tranquility”

Ashlyn Kawakami, “Subtlety”

Truman Lesak, “Self Portrait” (1st Place)

Miranda Seche, “La Familia”

Rebecca Wong, “In Bloom” (Honorable Mention)

Yolanda Xing, “Water Cave”

Evan Yerian, “30 Kendricks are Better than One”

Evan Yerian “Untitled”

Evan Yerian, “Violators will be Prosecuted” (Honorable Mention)

Madeleine Yoo, “Daydreamer”

Madeleine Yoo, “Fearless”