SPARC Gallery Exhibition | Shuttered – Photographs by Jonathan Sadler

The South Pasadena Arts Council (SPARC) is pleased to present the exhibition Shuttered – Photographs by Jonathan Sadler at SPARC Gallery, located at the South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce on Mission Street.  Sam Mellon, founding partner at MICRONAUT, an independent curatorial design firm in South Pasadena, organized the exhibition.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Jonathan Sadler | | SPARC Gallery Show

Story courtesy of SPARC Gallery

In 1930, Jonathan Sadler’s grandfather bought a small cabin in the Sierra Nevada.  As a child, Sadler spent his summers there, fascinated by the simplicity and isolation offered by the experience.  As a result, he still returns to the Sierra Nevada often, photographing its mountain cottages as they are shuttered for the winter.  “When I walk around these cabins I feel like the buildings are asleep, eyes closed and hibernating until spring,” he notes. “So much of what these photographs speak of amounts to a romantic, Walden-like past that for the vast majority of people living in these cabins never existed. Even though I am familiar with these particular summer homes and the people who inhabit them, I cannot help but project myself into them, where I might write my observations on nature and the intricacies of living simply.”

Jonathan Sadler is an artist/photographer living in Boise Idaho. He works collaboratively with artist Luke Batten under the name New Catalogue. They are represented by Rhona Hoffman Gallery in Chicago. New Catalogue creates projects that utilize historical, cultural, and fictional signs to create visual hybrids and multiple narratives employing photography, installation, painting, text, and video. Sadler has exhibited internationally, and his work is included in the collections of museums, such as: The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, Illinois; The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale, Arizona; and The Indiana Museum of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana. Jonathan continues to work on traditional film-based photography projects on his own. He is Associate Professor of Photography at Boise State University.

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The SPARC Gallery is located at 1121 Mission Street, South Pasadena, CA 91030.

SPARC Gallery Hours are Tuesday – Friday 10am – 5 pm or by appointment. Please call the Chamber office before arriving. 626-441-2339.