Seeking Support for Measure A | Resident Rallies Others to Vote Yes on Tax Ballot

Resident Kim Hughes urged fellow South Pasadenans during a recent City Council meeting to vote yes on Measure A

PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | News | Resident Kim Hughes urged residents to vote yes for Measure A during a recent City Council meeting; the measure asks voters to approve a 3/4% increase in the sales tax

Kim Hughes is encouraging South Pasadenans to go to the local polls on November 5 and vote yes on Measure A.

As a supporter of the ballot measure, Hughes urged others during a recent South Pasadena City Council meeting to support a ¾ quarter of a cent increase in the sales tax (seventy-five cents per $100) to reach the state maximum of 10.25%.

“It will mean a very small increase to our sales tax,” explained Hughes, “and all those funds will stay here in South Pasadena. You’ll help us with our fiscal responsibility and our budget. It’s also a way for those who come into the city, not just the residents, who come and shop and spend money to also contribute to this fund.”

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Hughes insists it’s a very small increase, “about 38 cents (added) to a $50 dinner, so I encourage everyone to find out about it,” she told the council.

PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | News | The ‘Yes on A’ campaign kicked off with a resounding message of “keeping what we already have”

A website – – provides more answers, noted Hughes, encouraging residents to visit the site, make an effort to pick up a lawn signs and place them in front of homes and businesses around town. “Learn how you can get involved…understand and realize that this money will stay local and help this amazing city you all live in,” she added during public comment.

“South Pasadena, like many California cities, finds itself unable to balance its budget,” reads the website. “The cause? We are facing ongoing pension expenses and rising costs for personnel, contractors, and materials. Despite sound fiscal management and rigorous budget oversight, South Pasadena officials predict a deficit of $1 million by June 2021 and $2 million by 2026.”

The additional funding, say supporters, will continue to improve and maintain infrastructure, roads and sidewalks, provide resources to reduce traffic congestion, and maintain parks and recreation facilities.

Measure A has been endorsed by the South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce.