Little Silver Hearts: Interview

Ed Donnelly and Sean Lowenthal of local Alt-Country on their band Little Silver Hearts

PHOTO: Little Silver Hearts |

I first heard Little Silver Hearts at the Eclectic Music Festival this past year and was taken by how much depth their sound has. They weave and pull through the songs; give some and take some. They paint pictures of stories through the lyrical and musical dance that they provide and they do so with an edge of emotion that is not only hard to ignore; it’s nearly impossible not fall into. In short, they write beautiful songs and perform them masterfully. I had the absolute pleasure and privilege to get a chance to talk to Sean Lowenthal (Singer, Guitar and Harmonica) as well as their organ player and multi-instrumentalist Ed Donnelly. From shows to records, influences, to what’s coming up next for the band and the love for music that makes all of it possible.

Make sure to catch Little Silver Hearts August 10, 2018 at The Escondite from 11pm-1am, no cover, 410 Boyd Street Los Angeles.