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When our boys were young, we wanted a wonderful place to call home.
We choose South Pasadena. Of course the great school district was at the top of our list when making that decision. More important was fact that South Pasadena has a very progressive and forward thinking community. Our experiences at Marengo Elementary were everything we could have hoped for. We have always felt welcomed and supported by the SPUSD.

When we read the comments to the school board from Alan Ma and Linda Lu, we became concerned that the South Pasadena we know and love is being attacked.

Teaching school children that everyone is respected, everyone is welcome and every person has a voice is the correct lesson for all classrooms at all ages. Narrow mindedness, backed up by outdated research doesn’t have a place on any campus.

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We strongly support our teachers and school board when they choose to include LGBT content in the schools. Teachers know what is appropriate and what is harmful. We are so grateful to Michel Kipke and the other board members who recognize the importance of inclusion and forward thinking teaching.

Let’s not allow a sliver of parents to steer SPUSD away from our current path of award winning education.


Gary Delossa and Scott Storey

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