French DJ Max Leonidas at Aro Latin Friday 10pm

World renowned DJ spins french session in South Pasadena Friday night

Inspired by the funk of Prince, the genius of George Clinton, the energy of Mr. Dynamite and the power of Earth Wind and Fire, Max Leonidas comes up picks up with his home made sexy, swinging and originals compositions.

This versatile artist takes 15 years’ inspiration of Jazz and Funk to create a subtle and rhythmic House music. Leader of the band Max Van Light for 6 years, Max developed his own style through concerts all over the world.

His taste for House music grew with his collaborations with the American producers of Riverside Prod, and Dr K’s mix, a former DJ from Studio 54 and current head of record label Unity-records in Tokyo.

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When he doesn’t mix, Max is a sound engineer. He records and produces albums throughout the world: Tokyo, Oslo, Geneva, New York, Paris, Seattle, Dubai…

His last opus “80’s Hotel Martinez” volume 4 (Disco Funk) produced by Royal River, brings you back to the disco of the 80’s. Leonidas mixes electronic rhythms with the warmth of live instruments.

Leonidas will be performing a set at Aro Latin in South Pasadena Friday February 23 at 10pm