AYSO Turns 40 | Youth Soccer Organization Celebrates

AYSO Region 214, consisting of South Pasadena and San Marino, has proven to be a huge success with thousands of volunteers providing their time to the youth soccer organization over the years

PHOTO: AYSO | SouthPasadenan.com News | AYSO at the Tiger Run (L-R) Phil Shin, Leo Parker III, Adrian Backer, Jeremy Myers, Andrea Wang, Noel Garcia

Youth soccer in South Pasadena is holding a big birthday celebration this year.

That’s right, AYSO Region 214, representing South Pasadena and San Marino, is turning 40, yes, 40 years old in March.

The organization’s celebration is especially important to its commissioner, Noel Garcia-Robb.

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“I had the pleasure of growing up here in South Pasadena and playing in Region 214 as a child,” said Garcia-Robb. “As a parent of three kids, I realize how much soccer affected my life and is such an interwoven part of our community.”

Today, the South Pasadena resident lives just down the street from her old old coach with another neighbor happening to be one of the founding members of AYSO Region 214.

Community-minded, she learned all this at another key attraction in town – The Tiger Run.

The local AYSO region kicked off the year recently with its annual appreciation dinner, which included six past commissioners – Janet Braun, Don Eggleston, Bob Weaver, Maurice Saldabar, Anne Louit, John Mass and Robert MacTavish.

PHOTO: AYSO | SouthPasadenan.com News | (L-R) Robert MacTavish, John Mass, Janet Braun, Anne Louit, Noel Garcia, Don Eggleston, Bob Weaver, and Maurice Saldabar. The man behind Anne Louit is Michael Hoyer, AYSO National Office Director

“These are upstanding members of the South Pasadena and San Marino Community who put aside all crosstown rivalry to bring recreational youth soccer to our communities,” explained Garcia-Robb.  “It is a testament to our program that many of the past commissioners still volunteer and participate in the program today.”

And, as she noted, “Everyone who volunteers is paid in smiles!”