AlienCon 2018: The Truth Is Out There

The Three Day Convention was a huge success.

PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Even the tin foil hat folks were out to have some fun!

Spirits were high and so were the sights at the Pasadena Convention Center as AlienCon, the state’s premier extraterrestrial and UFO convention, started its three day run. Everyone from Ancient Aliens to celebrity speaker Sean Astin. Sean spoke about being on set for Stranger Things and talked about some other films in his career such as Lord Of The Rings.  Speakers  Jason MartellWilliam HenryRamy Roman and Frankie Glass spoke about Orion and the different places on our planet that align with that constellation.

PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | The Main hall of the Pasadena Convention Center housed many speakers from actors to scientists.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Getting dressed up is part of the fun for these Con goers.

There were autographs from famed and favorite Ufologists and other celebrities such as Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager) but, just like any convention, it was the people that attended that made such interesting ideas into all out fun. The Con was well organized and spacious, in Pasadena’s searing heat this afternoon it was nice to see so many open-minded people either listening to speakers or just there for information or to shop.  Everyone was having a good time whether decked out in their Star Trek officers uniforms or just wearing jeans and a couple antennae.

PHOTO; Timothy Straw | | The Market Place at The Pasadena Convention Center was filled with Alien related products.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Area 51 Tours Booth with Will Tryon
PHOTO; Timothy Straw | | Actor Sean Astin and moderator on his career.
PHOTO; Timothy Straw | | Actor Sean Astin with moderator on his career.

The Vendors were really something special as well and came in a wide variety; comic book writers, artists and authors.  Jewelry of vast design all there to reflect the theme of AlienCon and the spirituality that goes hand in hand with Egyptology and the Ancient Alien theory.  In particular I enjoyed the engraved glasses that one shop had with all kinds of different logos from Pop Culture shows and movies, my personal favorite being an etching of the Xenomorph from the film Alien.

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PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | An image of a Xenomorph at Mike Baras panel on Ancient Symbols in TV and Film.

A lot of questions and theories were put forth this afternoon, From An Examination of Hyperspace by speaker Mike Bara to The Women of Star Wars by speaker Gwendolyn Boniface.  There was a little something for everyone who ever looked up at the sky and wondered if they were alone in the Universe.  I’m not sure if we are or not but I do know this afternoon was filled with camaraderie and joy and I like to think if they’re looking down on us; they felt it too.



PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Obiis the Alien saying hi at his booth.

AlienCon will be ran all the way through Sunday, for more information on what happened this weekend or to see what else will be coming up next please go to

PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Figurine from the comic book Obiis.
PHOTO; Timothy Straw | | Figurine from the comic Obiis
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Douglas Taylor Visionary Art
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | A very friendly alien.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Metal Souls Figurines
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Metal Souls Figurines
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | A fan holds up her Giorgio A. Tsoukalos t-shirt while waiting for a panel to start.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Some very special guests were invited to AlienCon 2018
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Sasquatch Syndicate shows added to the diversity of the con with their booth.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Another con member in her out of this world outfit.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Our friends from the stars were everywhere to be found at AlienCon 2018
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Alien Theorists Theorizing @
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Dale Hendrickson had some truly amazing interplanetary artwork.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | Packed marketplace floor.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | A couple Men in Black keeping a tight lid on things.
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | All types of vendors including authors were at the convention including Sting Wisher author Loren Blowers
PHOTO: Timothy Straw | | My bounty must be up! Creative costumes were the name of the game.

Here’s a list of a few of the vendors that we had the chance to meet.  Please check out some of their work.



Tek-Gnostics Media-

Mr Morgellon: The Architect of Deception-

Area 51 The Tour from Las Vegas-

Kathy Porter Author-

Sacred Pendants: Functional Healing Jewelry-

Metal Souls-

Monsterologist the Art of George Coghill-

Dale Hendrikson Art and Design- http://dalehendricksonartanddesign,com