Aims to Prevent Gun Violence | Senator Portantino Successfully Passes Bills

State Senator Anthony Portantino Public Safety Agenda had a successful day on Wednesday as three bills passed with the Assembly Public Safety Committee. Portantino’s 25th District represents South Pasadena

PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | News | State Senator Anthony Portantino

Senate Bill 61, SB 172 and SB 620 all authored by Senator Anthony J. Portantino (D–La Cañada Flintridge) passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee on Wednesday.

SB 61 and SB 172 further establish Senator Portantino’s leadership as one of California’s strongest gun control advocates and enhances public safety across the state.

“I am happy that these bills are moving forward in the legislature and I have the support of my Assembly colleagues,” said Portantino, whose 25th District represents South Pasadena. “Preventing gun violence has long been a priority and I will continue to fight for sensible gun control in California. It is my hope that these changes in California law will prevent these horrible tragedies.  Our safe storage bill alone has the potential to prevent accidental gun violence in our homes.  I am also very happy that Pasadena Police Chief Perez joined me to advocate for proactive recidivism efforts.”

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SB 61 – Seeks to limit the purchase of firearms to one per month. The bill would limit the preceding 30-day period the purchaser had made another application to purchase a firearm. SB 61 is currently supported by Brady California United Against Gun Violence, Bay Area Student Activists, the City of Los Angeles, the Gifford’s Law Center, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, and the Coalition Against Gun Violence.

SB 172 – Proposes to resolve the problem of improper storage of firearms in the home and residential care facilities. The vast majority of accidental firearm death, suicide and senseless acts of violence are associated with easy access to firearms. This bill ensures that firearms are properly stored. The bill is currently supported by the Bay Area Student Activists, Consumer Advocates for RCFE Reform, the County of Los Angeles, Drain the NRA, and Elder Law and Advocacy.

SB 620 – Helps post-release service referral programs more efficiently connect parolees to services. The bill was suggested and sponsored by the Pasadena Police Department. SB 620 creates an option program that would allow local law enforcement agencies to share access to limited information to those under supervised release and help connect them directly with nonprofit service providers.

SB 620 is supported by the Pasadena Police Department the Riverside County Sheriff Department and by the California Police Chiefs Association.

“We are very happy to have Senator Portantino in the Capitol helping to make California safer and helping the Pasadena PD better transition releasees into services and job training,” said Perez.  “These are important connections that we can confidently say will reduce recidivism rates in our area.  When signed into law this effort will help us efficiently connect our terrific non-profit partners with those in need of help.”