1105 Buena Vista Astounds

Real estate adjectives get bandied about profusely in Southern California. However, there are probably not enough descriptive words to properly explain the splendor of 1105 Buena Vista Street in South Pasadena.

Notwithstanding the fact that there are so few truly Modern homes in the 91030 zip code – homes of this quality and vision in any architectural style are rare.

Built from the ground up in 2019, 1105 Buena Vista is the execution of the design sensibilities of the owner (the home was originally designed to be the owner’s personal residence) and the architectural firm Stamps and Stamps in South Pasadena. Truly Modern in every sense, the design offers a unique re-imagining of the Southern California lifestyle – bringing the outside into the home as an integrated whole.

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This is accomplished via an enormous and visually stunning front door made from a single pane of glass. A central pivot point creates an opening to the home as wide as 2 doorways – even huge ones. Further – this 2-story home bathed in glass offers ultra-wide sliding doors that literally expose the interior to the exterior. There are 4 such sets of doors – front and back on the first floor as well as the second story. When all the doors are open – it is as if one is perched in a shady spot underneath the large trees on the lot. You are effectively outside – even while inside the structure. The effect is all the more pronounced as the mature trees and greenery were retained on the property.

Michele Downing, Executive Director of the Estates Division with Compass at 1105 Buena Vista.

According to co-listing agent Michele Downing who is the Executive Director of the Estates Division with Compass: “The perfect buyer could be one of two scenarios. The buyer could easily be right here in South Pasadena. A family who appreciates the modern architecture and has been waiting for the perfect house. Another buyer could be an executive couple who wants the feel of a Westside home with the neighborhood of a tree lined street with excellent blue ribbon schools.” The other co-listing agents are Holland Ashrafnia and Aaron Kirman also with Compass.

The interior is simple yet sophisticated. Using a palette of black and white, with earthy oak wood tones throughout, the space is seamlessly open and airy. It is also among the most light-filled homes you will ever see.

The underground carport disappears seamlessly under the home at 1105 Buena Vista.

Zen-like steel beams support the large structure – which measures approximately 3,519 square feet of living space. There are 4 bedrooms and 4 baths in addition to a huge underground carport – which allows multiple cars to slip into the home to remain unseen from the street.

1105 Buena Vista Street in South Pasadena is currently listed for sale with an asking price of $3,388,000.

Odom Stamps, President of Stamps and Stamps described the structure as follows: “The house design is unapologetically Modern, but wrapped in greenery and warm tones, with a steel superstructure, smooth stucco, stained exposed wood framing, oak floors, cabinetry and bedroom doors, and it fits in like a puzzle piece between the trees to appear like it has always been a part of the landscape.”

Michele Downing added: “No doubt this is an exceptional home for the neighborhood. There are very large mature trees on this property including a large oak tree and two large deodar cedar trees. The house was built proportionately on the lot to accommodate all the trees.  There is a balanced blend of the new build and the trees. Additionally, once the new plants have grown to their potential it will only add to the ambiance of the front and rear grounds.

If you’ve been waiting for an epic modern home in South Pasadena on an epic street that exudes scale, openness and sophistication – this is it.

Derek Vaughan is a contributing writer and local realtor specializing in South Pasadena. Known for his expert knowledge of digital marketing and the local real estate market, Derek has lived in South Pasadena for the past 20 years. Derek has also worked for the Walt Disney Company where he was responsible for digital marketing for both the ESPN.com properties and the NASCAR online store. He also holds degrees from the Indiana University School of Music, Purdue University and an MBA from Vanderbilt University.


  1. “. . . the feel of a Westside home with the neighborhood of a tree lined street with excellent blue ribbon schools.” This is a Westside home on a street that if full of traditional old homes, including the Garfield House. To say that it’s a Westside home is to admit that it doesn’t belong on that street. It’s the ultimate in entitlement: “I want to live in Santa Monica with all the advantages of South Pasadena.” I’m surprised and disappointed that Odom Stamps, a longtime resident and former mayor, would design this house for that street, but I guess money talks. I’m surprised that your article doesn’t mention the other houses on the street. I doubt that most South Pasadenans think this house on this street is a good idea.