Why Stop the 710? Go and See for Yourself on Sunday, June 3rd

Sunday June 3rd: South Pasadena 'Home Tour de Force' by the South Pasadena Preservation Foundation

PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | SouthPasadenan.com | Glenn Duncan with his Fisker Karma plug-in/Hybrid sports car pulled over to check out the historic Mission District in South Pasadena. He is, among other things, a Freeway fighter, former President of the S.P.P.F., CHC consultant, and historic home owner in South Pasadena.

The “No on 710” freeway fighters in South Pasadena have spent decades shutting down the would-be desecration of environment, community, homes and history. Ever wonder why this is such a good thing?

Steven Lawrence, president of the South Pasadena Preservation Foundation, says it like this: “While the stopping of the 710 freeway from running right through multiple cities is a kaleidoscope of complex reasons and issues; one fact is crystal clear: the undeniable link between historic preservation and vibrant community. Historic preservation on this level is not about stopping ‘progress’.  It’s about maintaining a valuable quality of life, inspired by possibility through experiencing the accomplishments of our predecessors works.” 

The South Pasadena Preservation Foundation has an opportunity for the public to view first hand and in person some of the most historic homes in California.  Experience for yourself some of the properties that would no longer exist, or be severely effected if the 710 construction was allowed to continue.

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Get your tickets: SPpreservation.org

Sunday June 3rd is the South Pasadena ‘Home Tour de Force’ from 1pm ~ 5pm followed by a Soirée and the SPPF annual meeting at the Stamps Fairview residence.

Get your tickets online: SPpreservation.org

The tour is a fundraiser and supports the all volunteer work of the foundation. S.P.P.F. work includes the operation and interior maintenance of the South Pasadena Historical Museum, a liaison between the city and homeowners, Mills Act tax benefit awareness for South Pasadena home owners, Cultural Heritage Commission input and consultation, covenants oversight with several historic homes, and general stewardship of our cities valuable historic aesthetic. The South Pasadena Preservation Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.