UUT Activities Scheduled

A pizza party and phone bank are scheduled in coming days designed to encourage residents to vote no on Measure N.

PHOTO: WISPPA | SouthPasadenan.com

A free pizza party is scheduled for Sunday, September 23, at 3:30 p.m. in Eddie Park in which individuals will have an opportunity to receive information on No on Measure N.

The City of South Pasadena voters, the City collects Utility Users Tax (UUT) on cable, cellular telephone, electric, gas, water, and telecommunications services, which helps to fund a wide array of vital City services such as police, fire, library, parks, and public works services.

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, South Pasadena residents will have an opportunity continue the tax by voting no. The UUT is a local tax, passed by local residents, used for local services. In 2011, a ballot measure was approved by a majority of voters, reducing utility user’s taxes from 8% to 7.5%, beginning July 1, 2012, and extending the tax for 10 years.

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Losing UUT funds would immediately place many of South Pasadena’s services at risk. The Library, parks and city facilities, all recreation and community services programming will be in jeopardy. There will be reductions in service and elimination of positions in all departments including in the Police and Fire departments. Also, the street improvement program will be significantly impacted by the loss of revenue.

Participants will have an opportunity to pick up a “No on N” signs to put in yards.

Women Involved in South Pasadena Political Action (WISPPA) will hold a phone bank Night on Tuesday, October 2 from at 6 to 8 p.m. to encourage residents to vote no on N.

Wine and snacks will be served at Sunday’s event.