Tracy Macrum | Real Estate is Key

The real estate agent for COMPASS has knack for forging long-lasting customer relations and showing community support for South Pasadena

PHOTO: COMPASS | News | Real estate agent, Tracy Macrum, is a resident and community volunteer who enjoys connecting people with homes in Southern California

Tracy Macrum is a name some may be familiar with; she has been a resident of South Pasadena for almost 20 years and has dedicated herself to many groups and organizations in town. Most recently, her sights have been set working as realtor specializing as a Buyer’s and Listing agent for COMPASS. From schools to self-defense, Macrum runs the gamut of what a professionally-oriented, community-involved South Pasadenan can be.

“I am a natural resourcer, I love connecting people with what they want” says Macrum, whose background in law and urban studies has lent itself to the daily practice of her profession. One of her primary goals as an agent, she says, is to make sure her clients are able to identify whatever they may need or want for their homes, old and new alike. “I love that part of it,” she smiles, “I’m also an avid researcher, so I can spend hours researching properties,” reasoning the more one knows about a home, the more personable the approach.

Hoping to foster a user-friendly relationship with clients, Macrum’s previous experience as a paralegal for 11 years has aided her in deciphering the fine text of many contracts, something which she believes needs to be made as clear as possible to any prospective buyer.

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FILE PHOTO: | Brad Colerick, Tracy Macrum and Andrew Berk sing out at DeepMix Productions studio

Connected to the city she loves, Macrum has also been an active member in the arts, schools, and sports hubs of South Pasadena. Her accolades and experience range from serving as the Executive Board Director for both the South Pasadena Educational Foundation (SPEF) and South Pasadena Little League (SPLL) to working as an Operations and Editorial manager for The Quarterly. She has also supported local artists, devoting time to both the South Pasadena Arts Council (SPARC) and Brad Colerick’s Wine & Song music series.

Exhibiting the passion she holds for homes, Macrum highlights her newest listing located in Pasadena’s Kinneloa Mesa Estates, “It’s a really zen house inside and outside, with a peaceful view that is just incredible,” she admires, adding that the backyard also boasts a babbling koi pond. To her, between the price, aesthetic and overall plot size, the home on 1400 Edge Cliff Lane makes for an ideal property.

PHOTO: COMPASS | News | Property at 1400 Edgecliff Lane in Pasadena, CA
PHOTO: COMPASS | News | Property at 1400 Edgecliff Lane in Pasadena, CA
PHOTO: COMPASS | News | Property at 1400 Edgecliff Lane in Pasadena, CA

Responsible for successful transactions in neighborhoods all over Southern California encompassing South Pasadena, Pasadena, and Altadena, Macrum’s reach has extended as far as Tujunga and Palmdale. If anything, her client testimonials should be indicative of that success, with much of her feedback praising her knowledgeability, dedication, and trustworthiness. Valerie W., a fellow realtor, says, “Tracy was so understanding, patient and never had an attitude over anything. I learned many years ago, this business is great when working with a calm agent.”

Working for COMPASS, Macrum feels right at home as a part of the Megan Spargo-Ferrell Team. “[They’re] an all-around fabulous company… they treat us so well. We’re so taken care of [with] everything from our agent experience people, to having our own marketing person assigned to us. They check in with us and make feedback so easy.”

FILE PHOTO: Derek Vaughan | News | Tracy Macrum sits in a treehouse on one of the properties listed as a realtor

On top of all that, her savoir faire and overall relaxed demeanor is paralleled by her assertiveness and enduring spirit as a self-defense consultant. Using her extensive training in the art of Krav Maga, she started the program, Me Esteem, in 2006. Described as a “self-defense and avoidance program for girls 7 to 18 years old” the class is “designed to inspire them to have confidence, knowledge, skills and tools to identify, avoid and survive an attack.” Addressing the dangers a young woman may face, like unwanted sexual attention or dating violence, Macrum emphasizes her skills as a troubleshooter and strengths as a natural fighter, wishing to impart those attributes upon her students.

That same overall attitude applies to her clients as well, “(this) comes in handy in real estate… I want to make my clients feel like they’re being taken care of and that they don’t need to worry. I’ll do the worrying,” she concludes, reassuringly.

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