THIS MORNING | Father & Son ‘Clipped’ by Car Near Monterey Hills Elementary

Authorities rush to the scene on Via Del Rey following reports of a car clipping two individuals

PHOTO: Esteban Lopez |

A father and son were reportedly clipped by a car driving along Via Del Rey Avenue in South Pasadena early Friday morning and treated at the scene.

South Pasadena Police and fire department officials rushed to the 1600 block of Via del Rey Avenue just after 8 a.m. near Monterey Hills Elementary School just as the campus was opening for the day’s instruction.

PHOTO: Esteban Lopez |

Police reported to the news reporter on scene that the father expressed concern about trauma to his legs and the boy’s head.

The accident occurred between Monterey Hills School and Indiana Avenue at 1678 Via Del Rey Avenue.

PHOTO: Esteban Lopez |
PHOTO: Esteban Lopez |


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