Thefts Rise in South Pasadena

South Pasadena Police Department Crime Prevention Officer Richard Lee says there were 82 reported thefts combined in May and again in June in the city

PHOTO: Steven Lawrence |

Lock your doors and be mindful of criminal action around you, warn local police department officials after a significant increase in thefts have been reported in South Pasadena.

“For the past two months, there has been an increase in thefts, according to Richard Lee, a crime prevention officer with the SPPD. “There were 41 reported thefts in May and again in June.”

Lee said stolen property from unlocked vehicles was the largest type of theft occurring, “and could have been easily prevented by having the doors locked.”

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These are crimes of opportunity, noted Lee, “and the thief rummages through your car looking for anything of value,” he said. “Items stolen have been sunglasses, CDs, coins, purses, laptops and miscellaneous papers.”

Lee said thefts of vehicle parts were also high, with thieves targeting catalytic converters, license plates and registration tabs.

In addition, the crime prevention officers said package thefts continue to be a problem “with thieves simply taking packages from the front porch.”

He recommends monitoring the delivery carrier’s online tracking “so you know when your package will be delivered,” explained Lee. “If you are not home to receive the package, consider having a neighbor pick it up for you. You may also consider having the package held at the local facility to be picked up. Some carriers also have lockers that may be near you for pick up.”

Wallet thefts have also been reported at some markets in town. “The victim was either distracted, or turned away, leaving the purse unattended,” said Lee. “Remember not to leave purses in the shopping cart and always keep purses strapped to your body.”