Talent on Display at MHS

Talent show brings out the best in students at Monterey Hills Elementary School

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | SouthPasadenan.com | Parker Wu, Danny Lowstudter and Logan Angarita had the crowd laughing with some knock-knock jokes.

It was fun, uplifting, and entertaining.

Oh, and one more, as described by Dr. Laurie Narrro, who had a front row seat for Monterey Hill’s Elementary School’s talent show last Friday night inside the multipurpose room on campus.

“It was spectacular,” praised Narro, the MHS principal following the 21 acts, appreciating all 21 performances from kindergarten to fifth grade acts. “It was diverse, a great presentation of talent, dancing and singing, including original songs, wonderful pianists and comedy.”

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A big thank you from Narro went to 4th-5th-combination teacher Dawn Tull for putting together the big event. “She got the kids organized, and they went out there and did their thing,” said Narro. “It was wonderful.”