Rise in Robberies

In recent weeks, the South Pasadena Police Department has seen an increase in victims being robbed on city streets

PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | SouthPasadenan.com

South Pasadena Police Department officials report and increase in street robberies in recent weeks.

“In one incident the victim returned home late at night and was suddenly approached by the suspect,” explained South Pasadena Crime Prevention Officer Richard Lee. “In three incidents the victims were on the street when they were approached by the suspects.”

Hands were the most common weapon used in the recent robberies, where the suspects used force, explained Lee, noting that a knife and a pistol were used in the other robberies.

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Here are some street safety tips from Lee to remember:

• When returning home late at night, occasionally check your mirrors for any vehicle following you. If you believe you are being followed, don’t drive home, instead drive directly to the police department, or call the police.

• Be sure to have good lighting at night that illuminates the driveway, carport, garages and exterior doors.

• Always be alert when walking around. Don’t concentrate on your phone while walking or waiting for anything. Robbers prey on inattentive victims that they can surprise.

• Keep shoulder bags and purses slung over your shoulder, and never leave anything unattended.