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Council asked to authorize the amendment with West Coast Arborist Inc. for 2018-19 Fiscal Year Urban Forestry Services in a total not-to-exceed $404,500

City Council members will be asked to authorize City Manager Stephanie DeWolfe to execute a contract amendment with West Coast Arborists Inc. (WCA), in an amount not-to-exceed $404,500, for 2018-19 Fiscal Year Urban Forestry Services.

On February 21, the City Council approved entering into a multi-year contract with West Coast Arborists to perform Urban Forestry Services in an annual not-to-exceed amount of $375,000 for urban forestry services.

Through the fiscal year 2018-19 budget process, the City Council increased the budget for urban forestry services to $404,500. The proposed contract amendment will establish a new annual not-to-exceed amount of $404,500 for urban forestry services.

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The service rates will remain as established in the original contract.  South Pasadena has a mature urban forest that consists of 10,029 street and median trees, 468 trees in city parks, and 113 trees at the city water reservoirs. The city has been an Arbor Day Foundation Tree City USA for over 18 years. It is prudent for cities to establish maintenance plans to properly maintain their urban forest. In addition, trees should be planted regularly to replenish the existing 822 vacant tree wells and replace aging trees.

Service request trimming and removals are done on an as needed basis throughout the year, however the above schedule provides an overview of how the majority of the tree work is programmed. The major components of the City of South Pasadena’s urban forestry program are the following: Tree Trimming, Tree Removals, and Tree Planting.

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