Police Warn of Scam Alerts | Fraudulent Texts and Calls

Local authorities are investigating two scam alerts in which the suspects tell victims they are from the South Pasadena Police Department and the City Council

South Pasadena Police Department officials are investigating the two scam alerts.

The latest, according to South Pasadena Crime Prevention Officer Richard Lee, was reported on Friday in which suspects claim they are from the local police department and tell the victim that there is a warrant for their arrest, and demand payment in Bitcoin or pre-paid debit cards (i.e., Green Dot cards).

“The caller ID may display the police department or City of South Pasadena to make the call more convincing,” explained Lee in an email. “The police department does not ask for payment in bit coins, cash, checks, credit card, etc.  Should you get a call from someone representing the South Pasadena Police Department and asking for payment for an outstanding warrant, hang-up.”

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Earlier this week a resident alerted the South Pasadena Police Department to a scam that received on their cell phone. “It was a text that stated it was from the South Pasadena City Council alerting residents of an increase in robberies and to click a link for a free alarm system,” explained Lee. “This text is not from the city, so please do not click any links. The links may lead to malware or a virus. Disregard and delete the text.”

Lee urges residents to alert their neighbors so they won’t become a victim.

Those detecting wrongdoing are asked to call the South Pasadena Police Department at (626) 403-7297.