Pacifico Dance Company at The Broad Stage

Pacífico Dance Company performs a family program titled Mexico, de Tierra d Mar on Saturday, October 20 at 11:00 am at The Broad Stage

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The Broad Stage presents Pacífico Dance Company on Saturday, October 20 at 11 a.m. with a family program titled Mexico, de Tierra d Mar. Dedicated to the performance and preservation of traditional Mexican dance, the company’s joyous performances incorporate Mexican folklore and religion.  All family programs at The Broad Stage feature pre-show activities, one hour before curtain.

Since it’s founding in 1992, the Los Angeles-based Pacífico has been thrilling audiences with its unique blend of modern and traditional dance.  Under the guidance of Adriana Astorga-Gainey, general and artistic director, the company has evolved and created its own unique style, costume designs, music and choreography.

With some 40 dancers and musicians, it prides itself on educating culturally diverse communities, as well as providing Hispanic audiences with a forum for developing pride in their own heritage.  Pacífico has performed for audiences throughout the United States and Asia including California, New Mexico, Washington DC, North Korea and China.

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Artistic Director Adriana Astorga-Gaieney said, “We seek to instill pride of heritage and promote cultural understanding among the diverse communities of Southern California.”

Astorga-Gaieney, a native born Californian, began her dance training at a young age. Her introduction to Mexican folklore was at the Escuela del Ballet Folklorico, under the direction of Amalia Hernandez. She also trained at la Escuela de Danza, Mizoc and with the legendary Rafael Zamarripa Casteneda.

She studied classical ballet with master dance instructors Don Hewitt and Joanna DIgiovanna. Throughout her dance career, Ms. Gainey had the privilege of working with Don Bondi, former lead dancer of the Gloria Newman Dance Theater, Davinci Burks, former Alvin Ailey soloist, modern dance master, Rudy Perez, and most recently modern dance teacher/choreographer Karen Mcdonald and ballet master Stephan Wenta.

Ms. Gainey is also the proud recipient of the 2003 and 2005 California dance maker grant and has been awarded certificates of recognition from both the city of Los Angeles and the Mexican Cultural Institute for her immense contributions to the folkloric dance form and the Mexican American community.

Tickets priced at $5 are on sale at or 310-434-3200.


Pablo Julian Alvarez, Raquel Aragon, Ernesto Candelario, Anahi Diaz, Carlos Escamilla, Jessica Escobedo, Riki Esquer, Alberto Flores, Anahi Galvez, Esmeralda Magana, Kristine Meza, Lorena Meza, Raul Mora, Ariana Ortega, Marie Núñez, Amanda Ponce, Jose Rivera, Daniel Rodriguez, Manuel Soriano, Patricia Trinidad, Jose Velez, Chloe Vich, Noe Villagrana, Lizett Zendejas, Samantha Zendejas

Family Programming at The Broad Stage made possible in part by the generous support of the City of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Arts Commissions, and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. 

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Lindo Michoacan   Choreography by Joel Sandoval

Michoacan takes its name from a nahuatl word meaning “the place of the fishermen.”  Located in the southwestern part of México, this region is home to the Uruapan Mountains and the beautiful Lake Pátzcuaro.  Michoacan was originally inhabited by the Purépecha Indians, who are responsible for much of the musical tradition and native customs that remain characteristic of the region today.  From the last half of the twelfth century on into the early sixteenth century, they built a kingdom that was second only to the Aztecs in power and sophistication. The well-known Danza de los Viejitos, traditionally performed for Day of the Dead celebrations, pokes fun at the inevitability of aging and demonstrates the humor and pleasant nature of the people of this area.

Chilenas Costeñas, Costa Chica   Choreography by Adriana A. Gainey & Joel Sandoval

Inspired by the beauty and tranquility of the area, Pacifico’s Costa Chica suite is a rich and interwoven cultural mosaic of its people and music. La Costa Chica (an extended area encompassing Oaxaca and Guerrero) became a cultural fusion of African slaves, South American adventurers, and Northern Mexico settlers.

Jaranas y Danzon   Choreography by Adriana A. Gainey & Joel Sandoval

Pacifico gives you a glimpse into the coastal state of Yucatan.  El Baile de las Cintas originated in Bavaria in the XIV century with the name of Maiphahl (maypole).  Th e dancers weave around the pole and the end result is a beautifully woven braid from top to bottom. Once the braiding is undone, they dance their way to th e place where the vaquería will take place- a festival which used to be held on the cattle ranches to honor the vaqueros of the region. Dances danced at the festival are called jaranas. Indicative of the dance style is the explosive zapateado (footwork) and the paced rhythm of the music. Pacifi co concludes the suite of dances with an interpretation of the popular dance form known as danzón.  Although originally from Cuba, the Danzón emerged in México during the 1870’s. Th e dance represented a fusion of European country dances with traditional Cuban music.

Que Lindo es Chihuahua   Choreography by Adriana A Gainey & Joel Sandoval

Norteno (Border) music is a hybrid of European, American, and Mexican cultures. The Mexican polka or “corridos” of Chihuahua, during the Mexican Revolution, tell the joys and sorrows of the Nortenos. This suite presents three fun and energetic polkas in which the men sport cowboy hats and the women shine in elegant European-influenced dresses. Couples embrace with eye-catching movement as they weave through the music illustrating this high-spirited region.

Fiesta Nayarita   Choreography by Adriana A Gainey

Nayarit, an agricultural region on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, is an isolated, mountainous area known for its pristine and wild beauty.  Due to its isolation from the modern world, the Huichol and Cora Indians have been able to maintain their traditional roots.  Religion and rituals continue to be an integral part of daily life. An annual celebration that takes place at the end of the harvest is El Acabo. The cutting of the last ear of corn is announced and the patrón officially concedes the beginning of the celebration.

Sones Antiguos de Michoacan   Choreography by Adriana A Gainey & Joel Sandoval

This suite of dances portrays a mosaic of “Sones” from the state of Michoacan. Even though “sones” are danced throughout Mexio, each region has its own variations of costumes, music and steps. The suite begins with “La sonaja”(the rattle) followed by three “Jarabes” (sweet syrup).

Viva Jalisco   Choreography by Adriana A Gainey & Joel Sandoval

Pacifico ends their tour of Mexican Culture with the lively dances of Jalisco, where the Mexican hat dance, the Mariachi, and the distinct and ornate costumes are common symbols of Mexico. ¡Que viva México!