Norton Simon Museum from Home | Panini’s ‘Interior of Saint Peter’s, Rome’

This imposing painting, created about a century after the basilica’s completion, conveys the beauty and remarkable grandeur of the building

Interior of Saint Peter’s, Rome by Giovanni Paolo Panini from 1735

This week we continue our series of videos narrated by Nicholas Penny, former director of the National Gallery, London, and author of the recently published catalogue Italian Paintings in the Norton Simon Museum: The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. In this episode, Penny provides a close-up view of Interior of Saint Peter’s, Rome by Giovanni Paolo Panini from 1735. This imposing painting, created about a century after the basilica’s completion, conveys the beauty and remarkable grandeur of the building, as well as the variety of people who would have frequented it.

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What We’re Reading: An Art Revolution, Made with Scissors and Glue

Chief Curator Emily Talbot writes, “I typically prefer to read about art offline, but New York Times art critic Jason Farago’s recent essay on the Cubist artist Juan Gris opened my eyes to the potential of digital technologies for learning about art. As you scroll through Farago’s text, images zoom in and out, guiding the interpretation of Gris’s 1914 collage Still Life: The Table.

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