Neighborhood Watch Newsletter December 6, 2018

Tips on how to make sure your packages stay protected, Toy Drive and Free services offered by the Crime Prevention Unit.

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Holiday Safety
With the holidays upon us, residents will be out shopping for the perfect gift.  Burglars will also be busy shopping, but they go shopping in people’s homes. Here are some tips to remember to have a safe holiday.

-Always lock windows and doors, especially if running extension cords outside to
power lights and decorations.

-Use timers on lights and radios when away from home.

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-Be cautious of displaying gifts in plain view from the street.

-Be careful of con/scam artists soliciting for phony charitable organizations. Both will prey on your generosity this time of year.

-Shopping online is easy and less stressful, but be sure to shop at trusted websites and
pick-up delivered packages promptly.

-After the holidays, don’t pile empty boxes on the street.  This may alert burglars to
know what you received.

-While out shopping, park in well-lit areas and keep bags and gifts in the trunk, out of
plain view.

-If you are away from home during the holidays, let a trusted neighbor know and
fill out a “Vacation Check Request” form online, or at the police station.

Parcel Package Thefts                                                                                        We have seen thefts of parcel packages from front porches occur throughout the year.
However, with more and more residents doing their holiday shopping online, parcel package thefts will also rise.

Most package thefts are a crime of opportunity, while others may follow a delivery truck. Many residents fail to utilize the delivery carriers online tracking system. FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. all have the capability to track the package online. By tracking the
package, you can monitor and get alerts on its progress.

Here are some other safety tips to remember:
-Always obtain a tracking number so you can track its progress through the carrier’s

-If your employer allows it, consider having packages delivered to your work.

-If you have a video doorbell, be aware of activations so you can physically see where the package is being placed.

-Always pick up packages promptly, never leave them overnight.

-If you are unable to pick-upyour package, have a neighbor pick it up for you.

-Consider having the delivery carrier hold the package at their local facility for you to
pick-up, or if using Amazon, consider using their lockers.

Spark of Love Toy Drive                                                                                      This holiday season, the South Pasadena Fire Department, in cooperation with ABC7, CVS Drugstores and other Southland Fire Departments will be collecting toys
for the annual “Spark of Love” Toy Drive.
From now through December 24, 2018, you can drop off a new, unwrapped toy, or sports equipment at collection boxes located in the lobby of the South Pasadena Fire
and Police Stations, and in City Hall.

Holiday Overnight Parking Exemption                                                                    No overnight parking permits will be needed between December 21, 2018 thru January 2, 2019.  However, this does NOT exempt a vehicle from being parked for
more than a consecutive 72-hour period on any public roadway.

The Crime Prevention Unit offers these FREE services

Engravers to mark your property “Community Opportunity for Property Security (COPS) Program.”
-Home Inspection Surveys.
-Email alerts of crime bulletins and weekly crime summary.

If you would like to start a Neighborhood Watch Group or receive future copies of this
newsletter, please contact the Crime Prevention Unit.