Merchant Minute | Dual Crossroads

Jennifer Maimone, owner of Dual Crossroads, in South Pasadena wants her establishment known as the first metaphysical supply store in South Pasadena history

PHOTO: Dual Crossroads | News | Dual Crossroads is a metaphysical shop on Mission

Jennifer Maimone was on a mission during last week’s South Pasadena City Council meeting.

If you’re looking for a metaphysical store, one that sells crystals, sacred herbs for cleanses, crystal grids, incense and ritual candles, the Dual Crossroads store, owned by Maimone at 1005-B Mission Street in the city, is a one stop shop.

Maimone insists her place of business is not a spiritual store because there’s not much in the way of spirituality. “What we provide are the supplies needed to practice world religions and mysticism,” she explained during the March 20 council meeting when she proposed the idea of officially being recognized as the first metaphysical study supply store in South Pasadena history. Proudly, Maimone says Dual Crossroads, which opened in 2016, is the sole supply store in South Pasadena that caters to spiritual supplies for world religions and metaphysical practice.

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The proposal came during Maimone’s testimony before the 5-member panel listening to her remarks during what’s known on the council agenda as the Merchant Minute.

Maimone took about five minutes to make her case, while selling the benefits of a metaphysical store in the community. “We originally had a gothic section, and nerdy section,” she explained. “However, we heard the need from our customers for more metaphysics supplies to be present within the community. So, last July, we did a huge rebrand of our store where we did a 100 percent focus on the metaphysical.”

PHOTO: Dual Crossroads | News | The interior of Dual Crossroads South Pasadena’s only Metaphysical Shop

Making the change, Marimone said there was a huge shift in foot traffic into her business. “People desired to be here over other metaphysical stores, and they would tell me how happy they were that we are so close to them. In fact, we are the ones that bridge the gap for metaphysical supply stores between Pasadena and Los Angeles and Hollywood.”

Then one day a light went on – in her head. “When I heard so many people saying we needed a place like Dual Crossroads in South Pasadena, it got me to thinking,” said Marimone. “Is Dual Crossroads the first metaphysical supply store in South Pasadena history?

Putting the wheels in motion, Marimone soon got in touch with South Pasadena Mayor Dr. Marina Khubesrian and Steve Fjeldsted, the director of the local library.

“They spoke with Rotary Club members, police members, checked with city directories, and reviewed the South Pasadena archives,” she explained to the council.

The same conclusion was reached, maintains Maimone. “There is no documentation to prove nor disprove I may be the first metaphysical store since there is no written history about it. Every person they spoke to, many being longtime South Pasadena citizens, all said they have no recollection of a place such as mine having existed before.”

Concluding her remarks to the council, Maimone asked what steps are necessary for her store to be officially recognized as the first recorded metaphysical supply store in South Pasadena history.

Some on the council questioned if it was actually the first its kind, not actually knowing for sure, but didn’t necessarily want to dampen Maimone’s spirits and her research. No plaques, proclamations or special certificates would be required, they insisted, for this request.

In the end, however, following a friendly debate among council members on what to do with the matter, it was decided that Khubesrian would send a signed letter declaring Dual Crossroads as the first of its kind in South Pasadena recorded history.

And that was good enough for an excited Maimone, beaming after learning the news.

“Oh my gosh, that is great,” she exclaimed. “I’m so happy to hear that. Wow!”