Marengo Elementary School Roofing & HVAC Project Update

The school sees immense progress in the renovation | Cranes and ladders are used to get onto the roof, making the construction more efficient

Upgrades are underway at Marengo Elementary, where crews are working through these hot, summer days to ensure the construction will be complete before the students start classes. This hard work is a mini makeover for the elementary school, which is guaranteed to create a safe and improved setting for the students and teachers. | Construction starts as the crews block of the construction zone at Marengo Elementary School

The construction companies, Balfour Beatty Construction and SVA Architects, and their crews began by tearing the roof off, and are now in the process of installing the roofing underlayment and new HVAC. To ensure safety and durability, there will be two layers of roofing underlayment installed to each building at the school. This, combined with the installation of new roofing shingles, will fix any water intrusion in the buildings.

To further improve the make-up of the buildings, a new electrical disconnect and control box were added to each HVAC unit. This allows for higher energy ratings and lower operating costs. A plus for everyone involved!

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The roofing and HVAC project is sure to improve the school’s safety, and will be a huge benefit for the students and teachers at Marengo Elementary. | Much progress has been made over the past months