Man Charged in 2009 South Pasadena Murder

Hearing in Alhambra next month | Juan Carlos Perez is due in court for his hearing on August 11

In the Winter of 2009, there was a murder in South Pasadena. Nearly eight years later, Juan Carlos Perez has been found guilty of shooting Noe Martinez-Quinone twice in the head. Perez was arrested in Illinois in 2010 after being a fugitive for almost a year. He was subsequently found guilty of first-degree murder on July 14 and faces a sentence of up to 50 years.

The murder took place on Nov. 22, 2009 when Perez and Martinez-Quinone were together. The two men were apparently together earlier in the day at a baby shower and restaurant. Perez was found by police in a fogged up car near the Arroyo Seco in South Pasadena, bolting out of the car and away from the policeman in the middle of the conversation. The body of the victim was found in the passenger seat with bullet wounds in his head.

There was no motive argued in court and it took the jury about two hours to deliberate. Perez’s hearing is set to be held on August 11 at Alhambra Superior Court.

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