Man Arrested at South Pasadena Public Library for Battery

Female uses pepper spray on male in front of South Pasadena Library on Tuesday morning

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | South Pasadena Police responded to a pepper spray incident in front of the South Pasadena Library on Tuesday.

South Pasadena Police Department officials responded to disturbance between two citizens in which a female sprayed a male with pepper spray on Tuesday morning in front of the South Pasadena Library.

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | Officer Michael Smith said a male was pepper sprayed by a female in front of the South Pasadena Library on Tuesday morning.

According to Michael Smith, an officer with the South Pasadena Police Department, the male became aggressive with the female and slapped a cellphone out of her hand.

“She removed the pepper spray from her bag and sprayed the male in his face,” explained Smith, regarding the incident at about 10 a.m. “The fire department came and treated the male.”

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Smith said the male was arrested and issued a citation for battery.