MAIL THEFT | Neighborhood Watch Newsletter November 7, 2018

This newsletter is a publication by the South Pasadena Police Department, Crime Prevention Unit


Mail Theft

Recently, we have seen a rise in mail thefts, especially in the Monterey Hills area where
mailboxes are at the curb.  This makes it easy for mail thieves to steal mail. The thief
doesn’t have to exit the car, they just drive next to the mailbox, take the mail and then drive to the next house.

The majority of the mailboxes are not locked so the thief just opens the lid.  Mail thieves are primarily looking for checks to steal so they can alter them and cash it. Thieves also look for personal information to steal for identity theft purposes like opening a credit card or cell phone account.

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Here are some tips to
– Consider using a PO Box, or install a lockable mailbox.
– Don’t leave outgoing mail in your mailbox. Drop off mail at the post office.
– Report acts of vandalism or mail theft.
– Don’t leave mail overnight, remove mail promptly.
– Consider conducting online transactions.
– Regularly monitor your accounts online

Scams and Cons Safety

Most residents believe they are too smart to fall for a scam or con. However, recently we have had many residents fall victim to various scams/cons. The scam / con-artist contacted their victims in person, email, and by phone. There are many different types of scams used, with a variation of each one as well. Knowing how to spot a scam or con is your first step in prevention. Remember that most scams will want you to send money overseas
since we have no jurisdiction outside the US.

To help raise awareness of scams and cons, we urge you to obtain our “Scams and Cons
Prevention Guide” booklet. They can be either downloaded from our website, or available in our station lobby. The guides also provide prevention tips and a list of resources.

The Crime Prevention Unit offers these FREE services
– Engravers to mark your property “Community Opportunity for Property Security (COPS)
-Home Inspection Surveys.
-Email alerts of crime bulletins and weekly crime summary.

If you would like to start a Neighborhood Watch Group or receive future copies of this
newsletter, please contact the Crime Prevention Unit.

Coyote Awareness
Recently, we have had an increase in coyote sightings. While we cannot eliminate coyotes, we have to learn to coexist with them.

Coyotes feed on small animals, rodents and berries. Although, primarily nocturnal, they
have been seen during the day.

Coyote prevention is a neighborhood effort. It only takes one neighbor to leave food out to
have coyotes return.

Here are some tips to remember:
– Don’t feed coyotes!
– Don’t leave pet food outside.
– Keep trash can lids on tightly.
– Keep small pets indoors.
– Keep garage doors closed.
– Keep fruit trees pruned, and
pick up fallen fruits.
– Carry a whistle while walking.
– Keep dogs on leash while walking around town. Pick up small dogs should you see a
-If you encounter a coyote, make loud a noise and slowly back away.

Holiday Overnight Parking Exemption

To enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with your family, no overnight
parking permits will be needed between November 21 thru November
26, 2018.

However, this does NOT exempt a vehicle from being parked for
more than a consecutive 72-hour period on any public roadway.