Lockdown At San Marino High School

Just after 10 a.m police made an arrest of a person making criminal threats

PHOTO: San Marino High School | SouthPasadenan.com News

A suspect was arrested Monday morning following an alleged threat, forcing classes to temporarily be canceled at San Marino High School.

The campus at 2701 Huntington Dr. was placed on lockdown after San Marino police identified an anonymous violent threat at about 8 a.m., authorities quickly reaching out to San Marino High Principal Issaic Gates concerning the matter.

Police say the threat had been made against a student and a group of his friends. At about 9:30 a.m., a decision by school officials was made to cancel classes for the day.

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Just after 10 a.m., however, police made an arrest of a person making criminal threats, lifting the lockdown as classes resumed.

Students were told they could report to 4th period, scheduled to begin at 11:10 a.m.

Earlier in the day, the school had issued a written statement, noting a decision was made to cancel classes and close the high school until further notice.

Police have not identified the suspect and it is not clear if the student attends San Marino High.

Proactive, the school immediately released information, dispelling rumors about an active shooter on campus. “There is no shooter on campus, and police are currently patrolling the campus,” read a statement. “There has been no threat made against any other school and the SMPD has advised that other district schools can be open as usual.”